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Is Nuremburg 2.0 Coming?

Dr. Reiner Fullmich recently spoke at a meeting in Poland to discuss what he’s found on a Corona Investigative Committee.

The findings suggest that nothing short of a Nuremburg 2.0 is needed to end the crimes against humanity under the COVID-19 tyranny.

The original Nuremburg trials were international trials to bring Nazi war criminals to justice after World War II. On an aside, the first person that should be charged under Nuremburg 2.0 is our own Josef Mengele, Anthony Fauci.

Fullmich is an attorney who is licensed to practice law in Germany and California, according to Vaccine Impact. While Fullmich is optimistic a trial of this sort will happen, and happen soon, he says this is not the real solution.

The courts are corrupt, especially in Germany, Fullmich said. This trial is to give the criminals “a taste of what is to come.”

The only way to end this is by the people rising up and telling the authorities that this is the end of the line,” Fullmich said. “It is not the courts of law. The courts of law, maybe we can use them to clean things up. But I am afraid that they are not even good for that. Because they are so infiltrated by the other side that we’re going to have to setup a whole new judicial system.

Ultimately, the last nearly two years has been a casedemic, a fraud fueled by flawed data from PCR tests, which the Centers for Disease Control has effectively admitted. The control freaks around the world has used propagandists in the media to push phony numbers to keep the masses afraid.

Ian McNulty, for the Brownstone Institute, thoroughly explained the abuse and misuse of the PCR tests, and he wrote: “Portraying something as something it isn’t is deception. Doing it for profit is fraud. Doing it by first gaining the trust of the victims is a confidence trick or a con.

Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test, consistently opposed Fauci’s fraudulent use of the test to diagnose, and he said: “PCR is a process that’s used to make a whole lot of something out of something. It allows you to take a very miniscule amount of anything and make it measurable and then talk about it like it’s important.”

McNulty exposed the fraudulent use of PCR tests to fuel panic various times, including the Swine Flu of 2009 when the compliant media spread fears of possibly another 1918 Flu pandemic.

As for Fullmich’s efforts, he says the criminal elites are power hungry. But, he says they are a small group, and they have been impowered by the people being scared. So, we need to stand up and turn that fear around onto them.

They want control, complete control, because they are psychopaths and sociopaths,” Fullmichsaid. “They are trying to scare everyone, so that no one can think anymore, and that everyone in the end agrees to vaccinations with something that is not a vaccine, but it kills.

These criminals are liars and they mock us behind our backs. As the Free Thought Project exposed, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mouthpiece was caught on a hit mic being trained how to lie when the elites they’re protecting are exposed for hypocrisy by holding Christmas parties without masks or social distancing.

The death and economic destruction has been massive, and hospitals have been incentivized to find cases and provide poor care to patients. It’s also led to deaths unrelated to COVID-19, as Patrick Carroll reported for the Foundation for Economic Education.

Carroll reported on data from the Canadian Medical Association finding thousands of death due to patients, who were did not test positive for the dreaded COVID but rather had those less harmful diseases like cancer, having necessary operations and treatments held off.

After analyzing the data, the authors estimated that delayed and missed health care contributed to more than 4,000 excess deaths not related to COVID-19 between August and December 2020,” Carroll wrote. Needless to say, the total number of preventable deaths over the pandemic to date is likely much higher.

Fullmich said it will take much more than a trial to change things. Ultimately, it comes down to the people being ready and willing to break free from the current system. He said new legal, economic, educational and other systems need to be created because the current system “cannot be saved. It’s beyond repair. You can’t fix anything.”

If people don’t learn what this is all about, if they don’t learn that they need to ask questions, then they’re going to be turned into robots,” Fullmich said. And that’s what they are trying to do with our children.

Fullmich added: “The only advice I can give you is, don’t play along. Connect with everyone else. Setup your own parallel universe, connect with all of the people who are on the good side, and then when the time comes, and it will come, I think it will come soon. We all will rise up and we will send them to hell, where they came from.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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