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Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, And The Left’s Opposing Narrative

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Let’s perform an experiment. Open up your favorite search engine (hopefully that’s the unwoke DuckDuckGo), pick a mainstream media outlet, and find a link to their website. Once on their homepage, spend a few seconds perusing the headlines and see if you can find any mention of the ongoing Ghislaine Maxwell Trial. And to be fair, we should pick at least three such outlets.

At the time of this writing, Wednesday evening on December 15, 2021 one such experiment yielded the following:

(1) ABC News: On the first screen we see, there are no mentions of the trial at all. There is a story with the headline, “Nations renew talks on ‘killer robots,’” because that’s an extremely relevant topic for Americans; but nothing about Maxwell. When we scroll down to the next screen, again there’s no mention of Ghislaine Maxwell, but there’s an interesting piece titled “Bouncing dog hilariously walks alongside car.” And if we scroll even further, again, no mention of Maxwell.

(2) Poltico: The first screen we come across on their homepage contains several stories about relevant topics, but nothing on Ms. Maxwell. Same thing when we hit “page down,” not once, not twice, but eight times. There is no mention on Politico of the Maxwell Trial, though they did manage to find room for a story on an obscure QAnon follower who was sentenced to prison.

(3) New York Times: You can look to your heart’s content, but you won’t find anything on the Maxwell Trial. If you want to know about a couple of zebras that evaded capture for months in Maryland, or voter fraud from the red state of Florida involving a remarkable total of three citizens, you’re in luck. But if you want to get an update on the Maxwell trial, you’d better look elsewhere.

Therefore, to eliminate doubt in anyone’s mind, there is indeed a trial going on right now, and the defendant is none other than Ghislaine Maxwell, who stands accused of acting as a recruiter of victims for the late billionaire, financier, and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein, and by extension Ghislaine Maxwell, cavorted with some of the most influential men in the world, and the majority of those men either align with leftist ideals or outright represent them. And while they were doing so, Epstein and perhaps his fellow cavorters were having sex with children. The most implicated and famous Epstein associate is, of course, Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, who traveled with Epstein on his hedonistic Lolita Express dozens of times, though there’s no direct evidence that Clinton participated in the shenanigans. Yet.

Other friends of Epstein who have been connected with the mess include England’s Prince Andrew, fellow billionaire Bill Gates, and former Democratic Senator George Mitchell. And again, there has been no proof provided that points the finger of wrongdoing directly at these individuals. Yet while the media are largely ignoring the story, and though there has been no evidence of criminality against any of Epstein’s buddies, the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell is a huge story.

For our mainstream media, the problem with the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell is that it doesn’t fit any of their narratives. In fact, it contradicts them. A story about a QAnon devotee fits their narrative that everyone right of center is a complete whack job and belongs in prison. A story about voter fraud normally would contradict their storyline that the phenomenon doesn’t exist, but if it involves a trio in a conservative state, then it works just fine. But the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial? Oh no, that’s off limits.

Our mainstream media loves Britain’s royal family – particularly a certain prince and his American wife when they’re trashing their kin – but don’t doubt it, the media loves all of them, including Prince Andrew. Bill Gates may be a greedy billionaire, capitalist, but he has the proper leftist worldview and donates handsomely to Democrats. And of course, they can’t have a Democratic lawmaker like Sen. Mitchell be exposed for any potential wrongdoing.

Which brings us to Slick Willie. Bill Clinton is number two on the left’s list of favorite former office holders, surpassed by only Barack Obama. Mr. Clinton is essentially a secular saint of the American left, and one who almost became First Husband… or First Pervert… or whatever the heck we would have called him.

The rationale is crystal clear: If the left and their media were to properly cover the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, such coverage would shine poorly on some of their most beloved cronies, and they simply can’t have that.

But make no mistake, Jeffrey Epstein was a criminal, and a reprehensible one at that. He raped young girls, which is in direct conflict with the left’s #MeToo charade. He abused his wealth by using it to exploit the less fortunate. And he lived a lavish, debauched lifestyle that the left professes to detest. Jeffery Epstein was everything the left and their media claim to loathe, which is why they must distance themselves and their accomplices from Epstein and Ms. Maxwell. But anyone who associated with him should be exposed and fully reported on. And yes, if the shoe fits, that would include even Donald Trump.


Featured photo is a screengrab from Fox News.

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