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David Frum argues for segmentation of unvaxxed from healthcare system

In a recent tirade on Twitter over the “malignant minority” refusing to take vaccines, writer David Frum from The Atlantic says that there are a few options that we should take as a society. The top options involve forcing vaccines on people whether they want them or not. The last, well it involves relegating the unvaccinated to a lesser form of human.

Frum was not finished with that, he continued by saying that the reactions to his tweet were telling. He said that anti-vaxxers were denying healthcare treatment to those who needed healthcare across the country.

That statement in itself is an outright lie. There are no issues with hospital capacity. In fact, COVID bed utilization is not nearly as high as for other medical conditions. It’s not the only thing in Frum’s statements that are misleading.

Frum has often been touted as “The Atlantic’s Conservative” due to his work in the George W Bush administration. Frum is far from a conservative, however. Frum is part of the big government, establishment view that has plagued the conservative viewpoint for so long.

He often wrote of his hatred of Donald Trump. He argued for the invoking of the 25th Amendment in one article and said that Republicans must find a path forward without Donald Trump in another. He is obviously out of touch with conservatives regarding their political feelings.

Frum has often shifted his positions in regard to various social issues. For example, Frum transitioned his view regarding marriage equality for the LGBT community. But now, he wants to segment off a section of society and force them to be relegated to being a lesser class of people because they refuse to comply with big government.

He has perpetuated the lie of the COVID vaccine for quite some time. He shared the same misleading information that COVID vaccines could help eradicate COVID, just like you heard from President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci. That lie has been proven wrong on multiple fronts as the COVID vaccine has done little to prevent or eradicate COVID.

Frum now argues that people who have not been vaccinated should be denied healthcare because of their vaccination status. That very statement seems to go against all the “equality” and “social justice” causes that Frum has written about in the past few years. He is openly calling for a segmentation of society based on a healthcare choice. A choice that Frum argued Republicans should have negotiated for during the Obama administration.

He can call himself a conservative if he wishes, but these types of statements prove he is anything but a conservative. Frum is just another media personality that will do anything for 5 minutes of attention.

Perhaps he can find a job over at CNN streaming with Chris Wallace.

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  1. Never heard of this guy before but he seems like he’s a bit taut. He’s ready to blow a gasket or two. He probably would volunteer if there were a call for a torturer somewhere in Hades to make death more miserable for its residents.

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