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Biden vs Harris: The battle for control of the Democratic Party

Just before Christmas, The New York Times ran a piece that talked about how Kamala Harris was struggling to find her place in the Biden regime. The article talked about how Harris was being treated differently because she was a woman of color and that she was specifically struggling because she has never really accomplished anything.

The entire story was sharing how she spent all her time in the Senate running for the White House. It was a sympathy piece that attempted to add a little cushion to Harris to help her weather the storm into the new year for her first-year struggles. But the story adds one line that should raise eyebrows and questions that are sure to be ignored.

The key detail was that she was seeking advice from key individuals, such as former Secretaries of State, before her international trips. She was seeking advice on how to be successful in her role, because she has no clue how to be successful on her own merit. But the name that was specifically mentioned as a “mentor” to Harris was Hillary Clinton.

Clinton apparently talks to Harris regularly, providing her advice. What type of advice is unclear, as it could be how to eliminate your political enemies through suicide. No matter the advice, the article went further to describe how Hillary Clinton even visited Harris in Washington DC in November.

Knowing those details is scary enough, as I think we can all admit how dangerous the Clinton political machine really is. Clinton essentially went into hiding for months following her election loss to Donald Trump, only to emerge this year among a more friendly and accepting Washington DC. But you have to see the bigger picture about what is taking place to put all this together.

First, we have multiple reports out of Washington that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are having some struggles getting along. Biden’s team is frustrated and has been talking about jumping out of their roles in January per Politico. Harris has already had parts of her team leave before Christmas as they share how frustrating it is to work in her office.

The reason is simple: Biden and Harris are serving two separate political teams.

Biden is firmly on team Obama, who has his handlers calling the shots for Biden. They are controlling the agenda and helping Biden navigate through his presidency in a way that he would be unable to do if he were trying to do it alone. Teleprompters and controlled events are the name of the game, just like Obama did when he was in office.

Harris, on the other hand, is on team Clinton. She is taking advice from the Clinton machine, which never fully got along with the Obama regime. Clinton has her own level of control over more moderate Democrats. Obama has his control over the progressive Democrats.

Essentially, what we have is a battle for the Democratic Party taking place. Obama vs Clinton or Biden vs Harris. No matter how you look at it, only one will come away with control of the party and the agenda moving forward.

Biden has struggled to maintain his composure amid the multiple policy failures of his regime. He has struggled to lead, mistake after mistake, which will cause him a lot of issues among the moderate Democrats that he will claim support him. That is where Clinton comes into play for Harris as she is one Democrat who could perhaps give Joe a run for his money.

The real question becomes, what is Harris ultimate play? The Biden regime has put her in difficult situations where she has appeared weak. I think many of these events were on purpose. They knew her inexperience and lack of handler control would not let her be successful in those areas. It seems that she was not scared and was ready to take on those challenges.

If she has a Hillary Clinton machine behind her, ready to mold her, shape her, and direct her, can anyone stop Harris? While it could be risky, Harris is in a prime position to pull off the ultimate coup for control of the party and the White House.

Many speculated that Biden would either resign or that Harris would try to invoke the 25th against Biden at some point in his first term. If these details about the Clinton meetings are true, it is possible that Harris is laying the groundwork to invoke the 25th and take over the White House. It becomes much easier if many key staffers leave the Biden administration or willingly flip their allegiance to Harris amid the turmoil.

The challenge for Clinton and Harris may be winning the support of two-thirds of both chambers of Congress as is outlined in the 25th Amendment. There is no doubt that Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will go along with the move, as Clinton no doubt has dirt on both of them. How powerful can Clinton be among the House of Representatives? That may depend on how radical of an agenda they promise.

The stage is set for the epic battle and it is clear who is on each side. Now the question becomes who will win?

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