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An Early Note To Aspiring 2024 GOP Presidential Candidates

The Blue State Conservative

The list of likely GOP candidates will perhaps be the shortest in recent memory. I don’t think I am alone in thinking only Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis will lead the ballot in 2024. That’s immaterial, though, because a list of two or two-hundred needs to be told the same thing: I want the swamp drained, and I want the candidate that will push to make that happen. I know they will all promise tax cuts, law and order, an end to vaccine mandates – and these are all good things – but we need something more permanent. We need a smaller government.

Those things you all promise that allure voters? They can all be undone by an eventual successor. In order to truly make a difference, the entire culture and landscape within our nation’s capital has to be rewired.

As we are further removed from Trump’s presidency, it is becoming increasingly obvious that one of two things was true: Either Donald Trump talked a big game and was secretly in cahoots with our bloated federal entities or he was caught off guard and sorely ill-prepared to take on such a behemoth bureaucratic hellscape. If the former is true, then everything else we discuss is irrelevant, so for the purpose of hope and optimism about America’s future, we must conclude that the latter is more accurate. It would also make sense on an intuitive level; in the days since he walked down the elevator until now, particularly since Covid and the George Floyd riots occurred, my own view of the entire federal apparatus as a whole and the GOP in particular has shifted dramatically. I wish I hadn’t been so naive, but given that Trump rightly gets credit for exposing the rot and corruption in politics and media, it’s safe to say I am not alone.

For those reasons, I again have to conclude my own awakening likely corresponds to Trump’s. Could he have fully anticipated the sheer magnitude of resistance, especially from nominal allies like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or William Barr, just to name three? The spate of insiders and career elites cast a shadow stretching four full years. In retrospect, it’s perhaps more remarkable that he got anything meaningful accomplished at all than that he fell short of completing his America First wishlist.

The Deep State, which includes perhaps every single agency and department, must face severe budgetary reductions. There is no other option. I’d suggest we leave the Parks Department alone, but even within that seemingly innocuous program there are efforts to rewrite welcoming park language in woke terms, return national park land to indigenous communities, and ostracize John Muir. Nothing is safe anymore.


There are Constitutional and well as practical arguments to be made in draining the swamp. Most overlap, because at the end of the day a larger federal government necessitates a less free individual. The Founders had enough common sense to know this would happen without appropriate constraints, and has been made readily transparent through the lens of Covid, unelected yet politically-motivated people and programs have decimated essential liberties and corrupted the notion of science. Trump was but one person among thousands with alternative agendas.

As bad as Joe Biden has been, is, and will be, his inevitable departure will not include an end to this madness. So entrenched and emboldened are career deep staters of a leftist persuasion and outright religious belief in leftist ideology that Biden’s presence is a mere convenience. Whether Trump or Biden, anti-white and anti-American indoctrination takes place in every public institution, state or federal, throughout the nation. A return of a Republican, hopefully an actually conservative Republican, to the White House will still not be enough to stem the flow of corruption and destruction. Only a full removal and housekeeping of the offending parties can be tolerated. (A pardon for Snowden, Assange, and others like them wouldn’t hurt, either, to show solidarity with this movement against Big Brother).

As I keep saying, the silver lining to the state’s response to Covid has been an eye opening calamity of failed and untrustworthy institutions. So long as the efforts to introduce a Great Reset are not fruitful, this period of time can hopefully be viewed as a necessary wake up call for lovers of liberty everywhere. I consider myself one of tens of millions who view all government and its interactions with heretofore unprecedented scrutiny and apprehension. Better late than never, I suppose.

I am not saying anything that hasn’t been said before. I am not pinpointing a problem never identified. Ron Paul served for decades among human siphons of finance and liberty, and energized his own awakening among libertarians not that long ago (although it seems a lifetime in terms of politics). Back then, enough people believed John McCain and Mitt Romney were better alternatives. Now? Those fools wouldn’t get a chance to appear on the debate stage. Voters have changed. We are awake. We are aware.

Whether it is Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, our eventual candidate needs to recognize that no presidential legacy is safe unless it includes the admittedly tough task of slashing the funding and size of the federal government.


Anything short is a waste of our time – and a threat to our freedoms.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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