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Adam Kinzinger triggered by Rep. Massie’s Christmas gun photo

On Saturday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) shared a family photo that shows his family holding guns and saying the words “merry Christmas! ps Santa, please bring ammo.” It was a photo that was obviously a family enjoying time together showing their support of gun ownership.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (D-IL) obviously did not see it that way.

Less than 1 hour after the tweet went out, Kinzinger responded that this was not supporting gun rights, but rather was a gun fetish. You can see the original and Kinzinger’s response below.

Several hours after his initial statement, Kinzinger obviously felt some backlash. He felt the need to respond and try to clarify his statements.

Let’s start with Kinzinger’s claim that he supports gun rights. It is misleading based on his statement overall. For starters, the Constitution does not say that the right to keep and bear arms is only meaning one gun. In fact, if it did mean one gun per person, then Massie’s family is perfectly fine in this photo.

It seems that Kinzinger seems to imply that perhaps there are too many guns. Or is it that he is upset about the style of guns that Massie and his family own?

Almost every member of the Massie family is holding one of those “intimidating assault weapons.” You know, the kind that will just jump off a shelf on their own and go around town shooting people according to the radical left. Perhaps Kinzinger has a problem with those.

The issue is that no matter what Kinzinger’s problem is, his statement shows that he is far from supporting the Constitution and an American’s right to keep and bear arms.

The Constitution does not say that an American can only have one gun per family, one gun per person, or one of a specific type of gun to protect themselves. It does not say that an American is not entitled to own weapons that can protect a family against a tyrannical government if needed. It simply says the right to keep and bear arms.

Kinzinger’s second statement shows just how ridiculous he has become. Nothing about the Massie’s photo is saying own the libs or anything else. It’s a narrative that Kinzinger is trying to create from a photo that simply shows the family’s support for firearms.

The second statement should probably be investigated in more detail anyway. Perhaps the situation that Kinzinger is referring to was when he considered using his firearm to kill Americans on January 6. It seems that Kinzinger is another elitist that believes he should be able to own a gun to kill you, but you cannot own a gun to protect yourself.

The truth of the entire story is that this is just another example where Kinzinger is pandering to the radical left. He does not have many other options. They are the only group of supporters that he still has left.

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