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Would Joy Reid Think Differently About Self-Defense If She Were Physically Attacked?

The Blue State Conservative

Joy Reid lives the ultimate life of privilege.

She has also done very little to earn it, which at a not-so-insignificant level likely explains her constant detachment from reality. If she were to accept the fact that her obnoxious black self-righteousness enabled her to leapfrog more deserving anchors rather than vie for her role through traditional broadcasting merit, what other uncomfortable realities would she have to accept? Better to project insecurity and anger than deal with their inward consequences.

Though mentally unwell for some time, she again dove into an insane diatribe about white male emotions. Her racism, were it to manifest against any other group, would instantly subject her to a life of social ostracization and unemployment. Instead, her pathological animus toward white Americans is both tolerated and expected. She is not necessarily remarkable for her de rigueur anti-white racism, but in a sea of leftist absurdity one must make even larger waves to attract attention. Her latest effort is a tsunami of disgusting ignorance.

Joy Reid wants to claim that Brett Kavanaugh landed on the Supreme Court because America was able to get past his trespasses once he shed a few tears for us. She likewise claims that Kyle Rittenhouse might be acquitted of murder charges after he broke down on the witness stand inconsolably. Her analysis displays ignorance and asinitity of the highest order.

Unbeknownst to those lacking a moral compass, the tears of both men are indicative of their awareness (and a larger universal truth) of innocence being maligned by evil actors like Reid. Both men have a sense of fairness, as do the rest of us. In the case of Rittenhouse, he was relieving an awful day when he confronted his own mortality, and in so saving it had to kill two others. Justified or not, he will have to live with that. When we sympathize with someone like Kavanaugh or Rittenhouse, it is not because we so shallowly identify with their immutable characteristics like sex or skin color, but because we identify with decency, goodness, and justice in its truest sense.

Neither Kavanaugh nor Rittenhouse are remotely guilty of that which they were accused, and decent people everywhere innately recognize that. Their courtroom tears, unlike the pathetic showing from Christine Blasey Ford rewriting feigned memories and the even more pathetic, and arguably illegal, prosecutorial attempts byThomas Binger to make up and withhold evidence, compare to these two men. Kavanaugh and Rittenhouse are rightly judged to be good by other good people.

It’s all fake anger anyways. People cry every day. Were the coached tears of Ashli Babbitt’s killer, Michael Byrd, the black tears of white supremacy during his embarrassing television interview? Reid would likely say racism prevented many of us from softening toward Byrd; I would say it is because he murdered a young woman without provocation and escaped even a bad name. Can anyone honestly say his killing was more justified than either of the shootings by Rittenhouse?

If white men are all indistinguishable monsters, why did she relentlessly attack Donald Trump for four years but likely vote for Joe Biden? Both check the same two identity boxes so vigorously assailed by this latest screed. If she were being honest with herself, she’d quickly realize that – like everyone else – she aligns herself with people based on values. She holds the same deranged values as other progressive politicians. Her vote for the Biden-Harris ticket did not happen because of race, but because of worldview.

I opened by saying that Joy Reid enjoys immense privilege. In addition to her fame and wealth, she also enjoys the privilege of physical safety. The amenities of her house, the security of her neighborhood, the membership of her friends and family, and the rest of her life is one of comfort. Has she known the feeling of a threatening menace? She might include this column as one of attack, but does she have a real sense of imminent physical harm?

I neither welcome nor invite personal harm against others. In the Biblical sense, there is the requirement of loving one’s neighbor as oneself and various Commandments passed down to Moses can be interpreted as a call against violence. In the libertarian sense, there is the non-aggression pact that seeks peace among fellow beings. In any basic sense, Joy Reid might be despicable but she doesn’t deserve to be hurt.

If she were, though, how would she react to the threat? Kyle Rittenhouse made a split-second decision when a would-be assailant reached for his gun. What would the child-molesting Rosenbaum have done with it if he disarmed him? Rittenhouse stared down the barrel of a handgun before discharging his weapon against Grosskreutz. What would have happened if he held back on the trigger?

Joy Reid’s inherent and irredeemable stupidity has been far outpaced by her victories in life. Normally, we could celebrate her success as one of those only-in-America stories. However, she is too deranged and mentally unfit to deserve any such accolades. She is a menace to decency everywhere as a result of her undeserved platform and nightly outrages she foments. The fact the jury has deliberated for three days (and counting) only attests to this point.

Joy Reid lives in a world where a young white male should have let an American city burn at the hands of molesters, thieves, and thugs of all kinds, and later should have allowed himself to be subject to unknown physical dangers and pain. His death at the hands of either Rosenbaum, Huber, or Grosskreutz would have been celebrated as a victory against white supremacy. Think I’m wrong? Refer back to the Ashli Babbitt murder or the silence around the scores of deaths ranging from David Dorn or Reginald Denny over decades of identity politics mayhem.

It is worth asking: How would Joy respond to immediate physical threats? For her sake, hopefully she never has to find out. If she does, I look forward to her self-defense case.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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