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The Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal is Not the Story

Camas, WA – After the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, GoFundMe explained why it acted as a jury, judge and executioner as it removed fundraisers for Rittenhouse’s legal fees, while Jeffrey Toobin made a mockery of the justice system  using false equivalence and wondering in a Tweet  “..what the verdict would be in the #RittenhouseTrial oif the defendant were a Black seventeen year old from another state who killed two people with an illegal weapon” But the Rittenhouse Acquittal is not the story

Jeffrey Toobin makes a mockery of the justice system  using false equivalence and plays the R-cards

The real story is, how many more falsehoods, hoaxes or cover ups will it take for the Main Stream Media, the DNC and Big Tech to apologize to America for undermining the Justice System  and where is the Department of Justice in all of this?

Lets review a few of the of the falsehoods, hoaxes or cover ups











#Hunter’s Computer




My technical training says that science is never closed.  What flat earth claim was proven to be false, for instance.  Yet Social media raised misinformation flags whenever claims were made that were critical of the status quo.  Ionically, Twitter users follow the Pareto Principle:  A few vocal Twitters drown out the trivial many, falsehoods are 70% more likely to be retweeted and 70% of the prodigious Tweeters are Democrat

Consider Twitter users conform to the #ParetoPrinciple – the vocal few drown out the many. 70% of reTweetes are from Democrats . 52% of adults get their news on #Facebook, 87% of #Twitter users also use Facebook 

Pew Research Shows Tweeter Users Follow the Pareto Principle

Twitter promotes Silo building as a safety measure – TRANSLATION: Intellectual Inbreeding, while Facebook  monetizes hate & division, according to Frances Haugen 

Tweeter Promoting Intellectual Inbreeding as security measure

Now consider that in a 2009 study Jonathan Haidt presented 8,000 plus people with hypotheticals such as discard a box of ballots to help your candidate win, They had to say whether they would do it  for $10, $1,000, $100,000,More? 

Liberals were willing to betray group loyalty, disrespect authority or do something disgusting, like say, voter fraud while conservatives said they were less willing to compromise on any of the moral categories.

Again I ask, when will the Main Stream Media, DNC and Big Tech Apologize to America for undermining American’s trust in its institutions

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  1. “The Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal is Not the Story”

    You are correct, that was not the story. The Real Story about the Rittenhouse Acquittal is: MOB CONTROL DOES NOT RULE THIS NATION.
    The majority and jury has spoken.

  2. Sadly, I do not expect anything to change during this administration: MSM, Big Tech & DNC will proceed as b usual, looking for #TNBH. The Next Big Hoax & DOJ will be right behind them

  3. The Criminal Thugs , the drunk and stoned, the overweight , soft anarchist children playing with matches,
    the Nasty,Ugly,” Look At Me “ creeps , the Marxists and the brainwashed, college, america hating kids.
    Time to “ shake up their comfort zone” …. Vote for law and order and people to remove this element. Won’t take much…. they are cowards and children.

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