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Selectively Hearing (or not) The Call Of The Klaxon

The Blue State Conservative

The klaxon has been blaring for some time now, in many parts of the country and with regard to many items of warning. These assorted thoughts are meant for those who’ve been practicing “selective hearing”.

California is Commie Ground Zero

In my circle, part of the regular discussion is the concept of “what do we do about patriots stuck behind enemy lines?” The areas we routinely include are places like Portland, Seattle, New York, and much of New England. But far and away, the most talked about area of “enemy territory” is California. Someone is constantly offering the line that the Golden State is home to many good Americans, and invariably we’re reminded that Ronald Reagan emerged from California.

That was a long time ago. And yes, the state is home to many, many good Americans. Entire swaths of the place bleed red, yet I can’t help but feel there’s far too much RED MENACE in play throughout the state to consider it salvageable. Truth be told, the same could be said of lots of places in this country – Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania just to name a few. But no other state is as dominated by idiotic “progressive” political machinery as California, and short of a legitimate ability and actual attempt to carve an independent state out of the massive north country, I can’t see that ever changing significantly.

California patriots are lost, unless they make serious efforts to either extricate their section of the state from the hands of the enemy concentrated in the South, or extricate themselves from the state altogether. For the first effort, it seems only possible through secession, forming (or joining) another state. For the second, it means abandoning the state for greener (redder?) pastures.

To paraphrase a label we’ve all seen (one that brilliantly demonstrates the ludicrousness of the entire Republic under discussion), “California is known to the State of Everywhere Else to be cancerous to the intellect, the antithesis of America and the American Way, and essentially beyond redemption”.

This particular klaxon has been blaring for some time. It gets louder and more shrill with each passing day, but those patriots who remain in the state have simply learned to ignore it. They are reaching a point, however, where they’re going to find themselves stuck behind what will surely be “enemy lines” in the very near future.

When that occurs, the consensus opinion within my group – which takes discussions like this very seriously – is that they will essentially be on their own. How do you save people who aren’t willing to save themselves?


Food Insecurity is Real

Examples of the basic inability to think logically abound, particularly in America and most especially at this moment in history. There are still fools who insist the Presidential Election of 2020 was legitimate, despite basic logic (and crap-tons of evidence) that unequivocally proves otherwise. It seems that somehow much of our general American populace has lost the ability to seek out and absorb useful information, consider it critically and independently, and process it logically.

One area where basic logic appears to have escaped too many of us is in the realm of food security. Far too many are stuck on stupid in this particular demesne – even people who should absolutely know better.

I don’t have to get too fact-heavy here; we all know the basics, and in this case, the basics are absolutely enough. There is barely enough food worldwide to feed the world population, and we’ve been teetering on that edge for some time. Food is no longer produced locally for local consumption; in fact, the burger you are eating now may have originated with your neighbor’s cow, but it has been shipped all over the country and fiddled with by so many hands you’d never know it, and with minuscule exceptions, this is the way all food is processed these days. To get food from one place to another requires a supply chain that cannot tolerate disruptions of any significance, and we’ve seen nothing but supply-chain disruptions over the last year or two. That reality hasn’t even hit its tipping point yet; it’s only getting worse and will continue to get much, much worse. And the problem is worldwide.

Hungry people are the most dangerous. Civil society breaks down when food becomes scarce, and food is fast becoming scarce. The world stands on the brink of a massive shortage of available food, and America will experience this deficit just as much as everyone else. People are going to starve to death, and it’s going to begin much sooner than anyone is willing to admit.

This particular klaxon has gone from silent to blaring in the last several months, but it’s ringing out so loudly and urgently now that it’s liable to break before it’s legitimately heard. If you aren’t already, you must be putting food away for the short-term and seeds away for the long term. I don’t care where you live, you’ve got to make some preparations for producing your own food. Windowsill gardening will not feed your family, but a trio of rabbits or a small bevy of Coturnix Quail, coupled with your home-grown greens and veggies, very well might.

What is certain is that absent preparations such as this, you are facing the very real prospect of watching your children starve to death in front of your very eyes. America is a wealthy country, and the “breadbasket to the world”, but if that bread is in Idaho and you are in Louisiana, all the baskets on the planet won’t matter one lick. The problem we face is getting the bread from here to there. That’s why you’d better be prepared to produce your own bread. And eggs. And meat. And onions. And the urgency cannot be overstated. Stop being blinded by normalcy bias and listen to the damned klaxon already.


The Progressive Poison Is Here To Stay

Politically speaking, the safest politicians on the planet are the current crop of “Progressives”. They’re never going to be dislodged; the areas that elected them in the first place are so far gone down that rabbit hole that there’s no coming back from it. AOC is a first-class moron, but she’s a moron we’ll be seeing on the national stage until she’s Pelosi’s age. Count on that.

This is poison for the Democrat party, and the whole party knows it. It’s why Joe Manchin is standing his ground (and why he’ll likely be a Republican soon). It’s why the GOP took such a wrecking ball to the Democrat stranglehold on Tuesday. It’s why the Biden agenda is dead in the water.

Hear this klaxon and understand; there is no longer a Democrat party. The Democrats have been taken over, and there is no way to dislodge the anti-American element from it moving forward. They will hold the party hostage, as they’ve done these last several months, and they’ll force people to re-examine their commitment to a party that once (poorly, but at least semi-honorably) represented Americans and the American way.

The Democrat party of our fathers and grandfathers is no more, and it will never exist again.

Here’s the cost of that poison; many American patriots, myself included, won’t even consider a vote for anyone who is fool enough, shameful enough, to align with that anti-American bunch. And you don’t have to even actually align with them. If you can wear that (D) beside your name, knowing that these sons and daughters of the devil are members of the party, I can’t in good conscience take you seriously as an American, PERIOD. I not only won’t vote for you, I won’t associate myself with you.

And I’ll tell you that to your face, as loudly and obnoxiously as I can possibly get away with. We aren’t talking about simple political or even ideological differences anymore; we’re talking about supporting a party that harbors and enables people who hate America and are out to destroy this nation. I won’t abet the enemy, and I won’t associate with anyone who does in any way.

I tolerate – but don’t especially like – Joe Manchin. I like Tulsi Gabbard, insomuch as she seems to legitimately love this country. I’ve grown somewhat more open to Kyrsten Sinema, though I’m not sure she can be trusted. But in all three of these cases, whatever respect or fondness I may have for them can never overcome the reality that they still carry that (D) beside their names. In today’s world, that is a scarlet letter I simply cannot get past. And truth be told, I feel the same about the Democrat down the street, or any local politician who belongs to that party. If you want my friendship, my support, my vote, you’ve got to ditch the Democrats and never look back.

Incidentally, this is exactly what I think Tulsi Gabbard at least, and Manchin and Sinema in all likelihood will do in the very near future. The “Progressive Wing” of the Democrat party isn’t a “wing” at all; it is the party moving forward. Anyone who doesn’t see this and react accordingly either isn’t bright enough to be taken seriously or isn’t a good enough American to be worth my time. I assure you, every proper American patriot feels the same way.

The klaxon call here is that the poison killing the party isn’t going away, and there is no cure. Get out now, or be viewed through the same lens patriotic Americans view Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Gavin Newsome, and that esteemed intellectual giant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. America-haters, every one. Enemies of the people. Why a Tulsi Gabbard would allow herself to be associated in any way with such anti-American low-lifes as these is beyond me, but for as long as she (or anyone else) carries that (D) beside her name, that’s the company she’s willingly keeping and I will never, ever abide that. No true American patriot ever will.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. The human population is doubling every forty years or so. Thomas Malthus was mocked endlessly by the Left. Admitting millions of people legally or illegally is madness. There will be terrible price to be paid soon. Your children and grand children are already starting to pay for our countries migrant driven population explosion. Quality of life driven to shithole levels. One of my friends reminded me recently of a historical truth. Most people won’t see anything until somebody or something is wringing their necks and they are suffocating. Polluted water and air, garbage and litter, diseases rampant, crime, fecalization of the living spaces , raw sewage etc etc etc. Crowded places pay a terrible price. A moratorium on all immigration modes is long overdue . Strap in.

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