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Opinion: Don’t worry, socialism is not coming to America. It is already here.

President Joe Biden is desperate. There is no other way to explain what is currently happening in Washington. To be honest, he has every right to be panicking given the current state of our nation and his presidency.

He has yet to pass one meaningful piece of legislation. He botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan and stranded Americans, many of who continue to be stranded to this day. He has created a disaster at the southern border, naming his Vice President as the leader. She remains absent from the situation. Those are just a few of the issues.

If you want to look at other things that directly affect Americans even more, you do not have to look far. Inflation continues to take money out of the pockets of Americans. Gas prices and costs of food and other necessities have continued to rise. Store shelves continue to remain empty amid supply shortages. Americans are facing the decision to get a controversial vaccine and submit to a tyrannical government or risk losing their jobs.

Yet, we are to believe that everything is perfectly fine here in the nation. We should simply sit back and enjoy it.

But the AP is reporting that Biden is scrambling to spend trillions as part of his “infrastructure” plan. Biden and his cronies believe that throwing trillions of dollars into government spending will fix all the mess that he has created. Money cannot fix his failures.

The reports are that Biden is rushing to spend trillions on expanding broadband internet to homes across the country, but that does not put groceries on the shelves. He in essence wants to federalize internet access for Americans. After all, a good “free” people would only use government-subsidized and controlled internet like they do in China.

They want to spend billions on port upgrades to allow ships to be unloaded quicker, but that does not put workers into that port to work. People would rather sit at home and make Tik Toks and play games than work thanks to Biden and the radical left’s entitlement programs and plans.

Just one month ago, Biden made a public relations pitch that said he had negotiated a fix to the supply issues across the country. They were going to expand hours at Port Los Angeles, which would fix supply chain issues. Since that time, shelves continue to remain empty. Even the AP admitted that it was not an immediate fix as Biden and the regime described.

But that can all be fixed by spending $240 million through the government-sponsored grant program that Biden wants to announce. Is he going to Los Angeles to announce the plan? Absolutely not, he is going to Baltimore. Why? Because putting Los Angeles in the background will continue to highlight his failures. He cannot have failure be seen in a media propaganda spot.

For years, the transportation and shipping industry has operated just fine. That was until the radical left got involved. Now, they want to use the opportunity to federalize these functions and provide them with government advice on how to operate.

The AP reports, “The Transportation Department intends to publish a playbook for states on freight movement and issue guidance on best practices, so that the value of the infrastructure investments can be maximized.” Does anyone actually believe the federal government is qualified to provide any guidance to business? Has anyone seen what is happening across the country with mandates?

I am sure I’m not the only one that remembers the good old days. The days before Joe Biden when we didn’t have to worry about finding Christmas gifts for family or even food for Thanksgiving dinner. We don’t have to worry about socialism coming to America. Joe Biden and the radical left have already delivered a good taste of it to us right now.

Go out and see the empty shelves and watch them force you to stand in line just to enter because “the government said to social distance.” Look through the empty car lots or try to order a Christmas gift and start worrying if it will be here. There are rumors of more shortages in key areas such as meats, paper products, and more. China is already telling its citizens to stockpile supplies for major shortages.

Socialism is not coming to America. It has already arrived in America. The only hope we have is for a major revolution and that involves more than simply voting Joe Biden out of office.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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