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New medical journal shows no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID cases

In the continuing saga of the COVID vaccine, one new medical journal says that there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated people that are positive with COVID. The peer-reviewed article, a standard among the medical community, says there “no significant differences were detected in duration of RT-PCR positivity among fully vaccinated participants (median: 13 days) versus those not fully vaccinated (median: 13 days; p=0.50), or in duration of culture positivity (medians: 5 days and 5 days; p=0.29).

There are a couple of key points to draw from this statement. Even if someone has been vaccinated, they are able to become infected with COVID. Even if someone has been vaccinated, there is no difference in how they can spread the virus to others.

The journal article was shared on Twitter by Dr. Jordan Peterson. He said that Americans should read the words of the study regarding COVID and transmissibility. 

Based on the information, it appears that breakthrough cases of COVID are more common than realized. It would also indicate that all the vaccine stories spread by the mainstream media and Biden administration were just propaganda to force Americans into compliance. That is exactly what conservative media has been reporting for months.

President Joe Biden and other members of his COVID team have given assurances that the only way to beat COVID-19 is with vaccinations. Earlier this year, Joe Biden declared that anyone who received a vaccine was fully protected and would not get COVID.

Biden and his regime also said that the COVID vaccine would not be mandatory. Since that statement, he has made the vaccine mandatory for all federal employees, the military, healthcare workers, and has pending guidance for mandating private employers to comply with vaccine mandates.

Just one week ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the US could get COVID under control if there were more vaccines. But again, that does not appear truthful given the information in the study that was shared. Vaccines are not preventing infection and spread of the virus.

More and more journal articles continue to report the risks associated with the COVID vaccine. Not only has the vaccine effectiveness been proven a lie, but continued studies are showing the vaccine is more harmful long term.

Officials continue to ignore the VAERS data and the number of injuries associated with the vaccine. Not only have there been countless injuries and deaths, but many other health issues have also presented. One recent article noted how ectopic pregnancies in females have been on the rise due to the vaccine.

Now, US officials are pushing for a third vaccine in order to be considered fully vaccinated. Others are already discussing a fourth shot and the benefits it could provide. The move leaves many asking at what point does the madness stop?

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  1. They test for the flu since they’ve never isolated Covid-19. Which makes me wonder how they can tell there is a delta variant. They never isolated the virus but they use a test to show the damage of a solution does on monkey kidney cells then show the cellular debris as proof of the virus. So, they can use this method to claim an UNENDING! amount of variants. A lot of cancers and “viruses” are probably just different forms of parasites. Since the tests can’t differentiate between cold and flu and covid then doesn’t that mean ivermectin cures both the cold and the flu? Welcome to “they’ve been lying to us our entire lives about everything”. Get your Ivermectin while you still can! https://ivmpharmacy.com

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