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Five Things To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

The Blue State Conservative

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means it’s a time for us to reflect on all that we’ve been blessed with and to thank God for those gifts. Our friends on the left would have us believe that the holiday is not a religious one, but clearly, that notion is absurd. If we’re not giving thanks to God, to our Creator, then whom, pray tell, would we be thanking?

First and foremost, we should all be thankful for life’s most important things: our health, our families, our jobs, and of course the food we eat. “Bless us oh Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive.” But there are other items on which we should also reflect this year and give thanks. Here’s a list of just a few:

#1 – We live in the greatest country that God has ever created.

No matter how hard Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the anti-American Democratic Party have tried – and will no doubt continue to try – they have not been, and will not be, able to destroy this great country: The United States of America. We enjoy the highest standard of living of any country in the world, bar none. We are a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire planet. And we still have, despite all the nonsense we’ve seen recently, the most potent military force the world has ever known.

There are those who argue that other countries have a better quality of life: Norway, or Switzerland, or perhaps New Zealand. But they ignore one fundamental factor that we all know is true. If we were to ask a downtrodden person in an oppressed or economically challenged country – whether in Central America, or South America, or Asia, or Africa – if you could start a new life in any country of your choosing, which would it be? Democrats reading this statement are yelling at their computer screens, but the rest of us know the answer, and there is no doubt.

#2 – The political tide in our country is ebbing to the right and that tide could soon be 

a tsunami.

Just three weeks ago we witnessed a truly remarkable Election Day. In Virginia, a state in which Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by double-digits only a year ago, a relative unknown and political newcomer named Glenn Youngkin defeated Terry McAuliffe in the gubernatorial race. Keep in mind, McAuliffe is a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and someone who had already been elected Virginia’s governor. And in New Jersey, a state in which Biden beat Trump by an even wider margin, the gubernatorial Republican challenger came within two percentage points of winning, and a truck driver named Ed Durr was able to defeat Democrat Steve Sweeney, the sitting leader of the State Senate, having spent only $153 on his campaign. It was an extraordinary Election Day.

We still have almost a year until the next national election, and almost three years before conservatives get a shot at the White House again, but there is cause for optimism. In the most recent generic Congressional ballot, which asks registered voters the simple question of whether they’re likely to vote Republican or Democrat in the next election, Republicans lead by a whopping 10%, the largest margin in the history of such polls. It may be early, but that poll is a clear indicator that what happened in Virginia and New Jersey this month may indeed be a harbinger of things to come.

#3 – It’s not just political attitudes that are turning, our culture is shifting right as well.

We see it with opinions on abortion, with a remarkable 65% of Americans now opposing abortion after the first trimester, a number that continues to grow. We see it with the rejection of leftist entertainment and sports leagues, as Hollywood’s revenues and professional sports leagues’ ratings plummet. And, of course, we see it with “Let’s go Brandon!”

Americans have had enough. We’ve had enough of transgender insanity and being vilified for acknowledging the undeniable fact that there are only two genders. We’ve had enough of Critical Race Theory, and parents are finally standing up to school boards and teachers’ unions to shut down its spread. And we’ve had enough of leftist elites setting one set of rules for us, the little people, and another for themselves. (For reference, go to DuckDuckGo and search ‘French Laundry,’ or ‘Pelosi hairdresser,’ or ‘London Breed feeling the spirit’). What’s even better news is that the backlash is just beginning.

#4 – The Republican Party has an outstanding crop of rising, young political stars, and the future is bright.

For those who want to think of only Donald Trump as a potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, we must be realistic. Mr. Trump will be 78 years old on Election Day 2024, the same age that Sleepy Joe was last year. Is Trump up to it? And could he win the election even if he is? Anyone who underestimates Trump at this point is a fool. I wouldn’t bet against him no matter what he decides to do. But from a practical standpoint, we must at least consider the possibility of an alternative, and in doing so we should all be extremely optimistic; and grateful.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is already a star and would beat any current Democrat with ease in a general election, but there are others. Kristi Noem, Dan Crenshaw, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders to name a few. But we also have a strong team in Congress, with those likely to remain there, with Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Elise Stefanik, and Tim Scott, for example. The future of the GOP is bright, while Democrats have morons like AOC, Cori Bush, and Ilhan Omar. Yes, things look good for the future of the Republican Party.

#5 – The boogieman known as COVID-19 is not nearly as serious a threat as the left has led us to believe.

There can be no doubt that COVID has been a devastating virus. To date there have been over five million deaths worldwide, and we’re closing in on 800,000 deaths here in the U.S. And even if we lower those numbers for overreporting (it’s difficult to argue that there haven’t at least been some shenanigans with those numbers), and even if we were to cut those numbers in half, COVID has still wreaked havoc. Many of us, including yours truly, have had friends and family members die of the virus. Indeed, COVID is no joke. But here’s something which COVID is not… it’s not going to end the world, and it’s not worth living in fear and/or losing our freedoms over.

We’re seeing dramatic improvements in deaths-per-COVID-case. Whether we attribute those gains to vaccines or treatments such as monoclonal antibody therapy, people may still be getting sick from COVID, but the mortality and hospitalization rates have dropped dramatically. Again, Democrats are having a conniption at the very thought of it, but COVID is manageable. We don’t need lockdowns, and we certainly don’t need mask and vaccine mandates. And we don’t need to be afraid to hug loved ones tomorrow. We can live our lives, and that is truly something to be thankful for.


Life is short, and we each have a finite number of holidays to celebrate. We must make the most of each one, and tomorrow we should reflect on, and give thanks for, life’s most precious gifts. We should focus on being thankful for life’s most important blessings, and hopefully, each of you has much for which to be thankful. But in between helpings of stuffing and reminiscing about old times, it’s OK to think about some of the other things we have to be grateful for, including the items we’ve listed here. And hopefully, those thoughts put a smile on your face.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Featured photo by krakenimages on Unsplash.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. Change bothersome things that you can.
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