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Cuban Freedom Fighters: Biden Administration Killed Cuba’s Democratization Movement

A leading Cuban freedom activist in the United States explained that the Biden administration wholly booted a chance to make inroads with the Cuban-American population at the same time it condemned the Cuban people to continued oppression under the Communist dictatorship.

The island nation of Cuba saw tens of thousands of brave protesters taking to the streets demanding an end to tyranny and a move toward democracy just a few months ago, but Marcell Felipe, an active community leader among Cuban Americans, said the stories suddenly disappeared because the Biden administration killed the democratization process in Cuba.

Felipe, the founder of the Inspire America Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting democracy in Cuba, was appointed in 2019 to serve on the Board of Trustees of Miami Dade College by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“The Biden administration really killed it,” Felipe told reporters during the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando.

“You had tens of thousands of ordinary Cubans protesting against the regime that is known for killing anyone who opposes it – a Stalinist regime in the 21st century, so it was really an extraordinary moment,” Felipe said.

“A lot of Cuban Americans thought that the Biden administration would take this golden opportunity, not just to do something right by the Cuban people, but to switch the electoral tide in Florida,” Felipe continued.

“It would have been a no-brainer for President Biden to really take a hard-line approach on Cuba, stand with the Cuban people, it would have changed the electoral map,” Felipe continued. “It made all political sense until you realize the influence that the Marxist within the Democratic Party have gained, and what the blowback would be to President Biden. That really tells you all,” Felipe said.

“The Democrat Party has … strengthened the Marxist base within their party, at their own peril,” Felipe said.

Why This Is Important

The most truthful of statement was made by Mr. Felipe: “The Democrat Party has … strengthened the Marxist base within their party, at their own peril.”

There was absolutely no reason for the Biden administration – along with the Deep State bureaucrats – to allow Mr. Biden’s Communist puppet masters to deny the future the brave Cubans attempted to affect for themselves. In fact, the Biden administration’s lack of courage in this matter is yet another disgrace; yet another failure to chalk up to its account.

The Cuban community, especially in South Florida, was pouring money and influence into their private efforts to aid their brethren in Cuba, but the Biden administration – so flippant in their use of the idea of freedom and democracy – ignored the pleading of tens of thousands of Cubans begging for aid in their quest for freedom.

The Communist government bequeathed from the murderous Castro brothers in Cuba, is now colluding with not only the Russians, but also the Chinese because of its 90-mile wet-foot to the United States. If for no other reason the Biden administration should have aided the Cuban freedom fighters.

Instead, of doing the right thing in Cuba, the Biden administration chose the ignorant and self-serving political route in continuing to advance a false-flag operation of control of the American people in its draconian handling of the COVID event, all but ignoring that the Cubans who braved the streets were being targeted by the bloodlust regime in that island nation for retribution once the naïve media turned off their cameras.

Those who have been jailed, beaten, and even killed because they sought freedom during those protests have the Biden administration, the bureaucratic Deep State, and Mr. Biden’s Fascist handlers for their plight.

As an American who believes we should have come to the aid of those brave Cubans who asked for our help, I apologize for my federal government. I am embarrassed.

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Frank Salvato

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