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Week In Review: The Three Biggest Headlines (Vol. 9)

The Blue State Conservative

A vocal Marine goes from hero to bust among conservatives, activists go to insane levels to threaten and intimate sitting U.S. Senators, and a Facebook “whistleblower” makes it a little easier to like Facebook.

1. Not that long ago and in the wake of the incomprehensible pullout from Afghanistan, Marine LTC Stuart Scheller posted a viral video calling out the top military brass and asking for accountability. He quickly became a figure whom millions of Americans could get behind.

  • In the wake of the video’s initial release, LTC Scheller instantly became a national folk hero. Here was a uniformed officer speaking truth to power, something leftists just love. It’s a stupid phrase but it is absolutely what happened. He knew the consequences of his actions and did it regardless.
  • For tens of millions of patriots, it was powerful to see our viewpoints expressed from within the corrupted military establishment at serious personal risk. If he was willing to speak out, who else might step forward? At any rate, what effect on Austin, Milley, and others would this video have? We knew better, but we waited hopefully anyway.
  • In the span of a month, an account on behalf of LTC Scheller had raised almost $2.5 million. Most of it, if not all of it, presumably came from center-right, and right-leaning American patriots who voted for Donald Trump.
  • Our support for him only intensified after he was detained in a military brig. With 1/6 political prisoners still in confinement, LTC Scheller’s own detention smacked of rank partisan retribution. It was just the latest attack on people threatening the one-party totalitarian regime.
  • Then, it turns out that LTC Scheller didn’t have the bona fides that we all thought. Basically, he turned down – rather acerbically – the support of Donald Trump and even called out the former president for dividing this country (he later backtracked a little bit on that, but the damage was done). After being on the receiving end of tens of thousands of individual patriotic donations, his family’s appearance on Tucker Carlson, and exhaustive national attention, LTC Scheller laid down all of his cards on the table. His strong bids were belied by a weak hand.
  • It can be true that LTC Scheller is being detained as an overt political prisoner (see: any negative comments by military officers during the Trump years) and it can likewise also be true that the former’s derision of the president is a slap in the face to everyone that heretofore had sent hard-earned money to his support. Whereas donations poured in on the expectation that LTC Scheller spoke for all of us (as Trump had), it turns out he was a self-serving man who has fallen prey to the warped reality created by leftists politicians and their complicit media brethren.
  • I’ll say this much: The current contempt for LTC Scheller does not erase the truth he spoke in his initial video. We can hold a different view of the man but his idea is still 100% accurate. His detainment only reinforces his original message. Little guys go to the brig and the big wigs get more ribbons.
  • I get that a Venn Diagram of pro-Trumpers and anti-Trumpers still has some overlap in the middle of loving America and its values, but I find the latter position increasingly difficult to understand. I don’t steadfastly support Trump inherently because he’s Trump; it has more to do with what Trump represents. He was anti-establishment (despite maintaining a lot of establishment causes) and he recognized the threat of leftism to our nation’s very soul and existence. LTC Scheller apparently fits in the anti-Trump side of the center overlap, but eventually all of these people will have to choose: Do they stand for freedom on the pro-Trump side or do they support the encroaching totalitarianism?

2. Viral videos of Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema (D) reveal that there is nothing too extreme for leftist ideologues.

  • First, there was a video of illegal alien activists following Senator Sinema into a restroom on ASU’s campus while recording the entire time. Then, there were videos of other illegal aliens confronting her on an airplane and again at her destination’s terminal. It looks like they even protested at her area of residence. Where do they go from here? The thought is scary.
  • We don’t know how she will vote – does she surrender to the intense demands or hold her ground – but for the time being Senator Sinema has shown to have bigger cojones than most of her spineless GOP colleagues. Kudos to her so far, and good luck.
  • Everyone that is intellectually honest and open minded eventually has their red pill moment. Is this hers? As the saying goes, people become conservative after being mugged by liberals…or something like that. If Sinema holds tight to her party, I am not sure what would wake her up. But I have been surprised before – people still generally vote Democrat despite all of the horrors inflicted by them.
  • This is wrong on so many levels. There is the fact that these are illegals complaining about a system that they illegally chose to live under; there is the fact that all human decency and respect has been discarded in the name of progressivism; there is the fact that had this been a citizen they’d be in jail already – but it’s ok because illegals can do whatever they want; let’s not even imagine the horrors if this were a right-wing person!
  • Where is Big Tech on this? I had my Facebook page shut down and a burgeoning Etsy store banned merely for posting published data on Ivermectin’s utility and featuring merchandise with the word “conservative” in it, respectively. But now it’s okay to let a video go viral of people entering and exiting bathroom stalls? Morality aside, this is straight up illegal. Big Tech is permitting illegal actions to be transmitted. Are they culpable now?
  • We are all waiting anxiously for AOC to speak out about her trauma from this experience. Knowing how she remembers events, she was probably in the next stall over.
  • Joe Biden, not to be outdone by the animals that we allow to cross our border, shrugged off the attack on one of his former Senatorial partners and fellow human beings by suggesting this is how democracy works and that it is merely “part of the process.” I would like to see someone follow Biden into the bathroom with a video camera and see how that goes. Someone? Anyone?
  • I know it won’t happen, but Sinema should move to have these dregs removed from American life. A photo of these selfish, entitled, and moronic brats on an ICE transport to Guadalajara would make my day week month year. (What do we want?! Deportation! When do we want it?! Now!!).

3. Frances Haugen sits down to a cushy 60 Minutes interview and a Senate committee hearing in the same week in order to promote more government in our lives.

  • It’s almost like her move was coordinated. First, she shared information we already knew, but it was enough to land a once-vaunted chair across a 60 Minutes correspondent. Then, somehow, that coincided with a Senate testimony just two days later? Next, this whole time she’s been working with Obama people? Finally, she has a history of far-left political donations? And, let’s not ignore that her complaint with Facebook is primarily one of ideology – she wants hateful content banned. That is a not-so-coded word to mean “conservative.”
  • Oh yeah, it was entirely coordinated.
  • What’s most amazing about the chutzpah here is that Haugen is clearly partisan. She steamrolled the Hunter Biden story, which could very well have turned the election into a Trump victory. That was all factual reporting. She supports suppressing science on ivermectin and even a hint of skepticism surrounding Covid vaccines. Again, these are just facts used to push back against leftist totalitarianism. Why can’t we all see her for what she is?
  • I am no longer surprised, but I am still appalled when peoples’ solutions to a problem is to invite Big Brother into our lives even more. The concept of personal responsibility ceases to exist in their world. We have known since the dawn of time that teenage girls are nasty to each other. Social media didn’t make them this way, although it certainly upped the ante. For Haugen to pretend that this is Facebook’s problem, rather than the parents and girls themselves, is a tragic flaw in leftism. I wish more people would push back and name it.
  • Where everyone finds common ground in Haugen’s presentation is that social media is indeed ripe for abuse. From a conservative lens, we get censored and shadow banned without any recourse. From a leftist lens, their orthodoxy is challenged every day. The only answer of course, is to let the free market play out. Obviously, that won’t work for everyone. For monsters like Haugen, drunk on power and sense of elitism, the only proper response is a woke government to tell a woke business how to engage in their practice. We all know how that story ends.
  • I still find it tragic that the internet was supposed to usher in an era of unprecedented liberal discourse. Likewise with social media. These were tools that were supposed to empower the individual who no longer relied on traditional methods of communication that were slower or arbitrated by a few monolithic entities. In hindsight, I should have seen this coming. In a world of 7 billion, it only takes one Bond villain intent on nuking the landscape to turn off the switch for everyone. Remember when Facebook was started to rate girls? Or YouTube played its first video from a zoo? Zuckerberg didn’t start out with this in mind, but human nature sucks and here we are.
  • I don’t like it when leftists attack people rather than ideas, but I am going to do it anyway. Haugen has a stronger jawline than most men that I know. She also looks like the model that movie producers used when developing the iconic Predator. None of this is relevant, but she’s an awful human being from what I can tell so I needed to say that. I feel better.

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