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WAKE UP: The Villains Are Not Alec Baldwin and Brian Laundrie’s Parents

The Blue State Conservative

American obsession over trendy news items makes Nero’s fiddling look like sincere grieving.

I did not cover the Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie saga except for a single time, and that was to comment on how a national news blitz over self-proclaimed social media influencing losers represents the decline in the American public. Most people would rather pay attention to the disappearance of an above-average-looking young woman than to the disappearance of the middle class’s financial independence and individual freedom. This probably isn’t a new phenomenon in any society, but it’s unfortunate nonetheless.

The same goes for the Alec Baldwin story. I haven’t said much about it so far, if anything. Most of the coverage on the right has been on the irony of a pompous, gun-grabbing buffoon shooting a person to death after a life of making stupid comments on gun control. It has made for great memes, but glosses over the tragic loss of innocent life. Most of the coverage on the left has been a lame attempt to provide cover for one of “their” guys. This too glosses over the tragic loss of life.

Either way, between the two stories a lot of oxygen has been sucked out of the room. It seems safe to say that more cameras are trained on the residences of Baldwin and his incompetent (and likely criminally negligent armorer) as well as of the elder Laundries than are on the homes of real-life villains like Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and Janet Yellen.

Alec Baldwin played a role in a woman’s death as both the actor and producer of the film. Brian Laundrie looks to be a killer based on currently available evidence. However, I refuse to jump on the bandwagon that either Baldwin himself or Laundrie’s parents, by proxy, are the real villains. For one, they’re just not. For another, let’s keep things in perspective.

As it pertains to their specific cases, while Baldwin may be legally culpable and is certainly guilty of arrogance, hypocrisy, and violating basic gun safety, how is it possible a loaded gun made it into his hands at all? An entire chain fell apart. And, while the Laundrie family indeed raised Brian, until more information comes out, how is it that the parents of a killer are roped in? Honestly, if Brian said goodbye and told them where they could find him, is that unreasonable? The guilt of knowing he not only took the life of another, but then proceeded to take his own is an un-erasable pain that no parent should bear. It looks as if they were left in an impossible situation.

Again, though, let’s say Baldwin and Laundrie’s parents are both found guilty of something. I still don’t care. Is this news? People die in one-offs everyday.

Let’s remember that:

Joe Biden has declared a mandate for vaccination (even if he never releases a formal document, companies will use his early-September speech) and decided he has lost patience with us selfish unvaxxed types. More recently, he said “freedom, shmreedom” at a CNN town hall event as it pertains to vaccination programs. This guy is as anti-American as it gets – he sold out our country for his family, has a train wreck of a son that rakes in millions on his name, and has a grotesque penchant for young girls –  and I am supposed to be mad about a confused and aggressive girl getting strangled?

Anthony Fauci funded endless campaigns of morally dubious and inhumane “research” on a host of subjects. For starters, he is as responsible for Covid as anyone else. How many people has that killed? Then, he certainly knows about vaccine ineffectiveness and mortality and refuses to back down on first, second, third, and now fourth rounds of jabs. He has upset a whole new group of people over the unconscionable experiments on dogs, wherein they had their vocal cords cut so scientists wouldn’t hear them howl in pain as tiny little bugs ate them alive from inside and outside their head. Fauci is an absolute monster, but parents trying to reconcile their son’s life choices is supposed to outrage me more?

Janet Yellen is equally contemptible. In fact, she might be the first to deserve a spot on the proverbial wall. She has long rigged the economic game for regular people, but her latest defense of a tax on unrealized games is completely indefensible. I don’t doubt her intelligence, so it is obvious she knows the impact of this policy. It spells nothing short of economic ruin and the crushing of individual liberties. She knows the calamity and wants it anyway. She is pure evil.

So, before we get mad at Alec Baldwin for violating principles of gun safety or the parents of Brian Laundrie for trying to piece together their lives, let’s all take a moment to recognize what’s really happening out there.

We are being ruled by tyrants. What was John Wilkes Booth’s famous phrase?

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