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Time To Wake Up: How To Red Pill Your Friends And Family For Their Own Good

The Blue State Conservative

I don’t doubt for a second that your liberal network of friends and family watches the nightly news and late-night shows to wind down after a busy day. I am confident they think CNN is impartial and consider the New York Times sophisticated and erudite. They are vaccinated and still wear masks. I would guess they are not very happy and see the world as being half-empty. They know they’re better people than you, even if they don’t tell you to your face.

I want to have nothing but contempt for people like this; after all, arrogance and ignorance are not attractive characteristics of adults. Their voting habits give mandates to tyrants. We all certainly have good reason to despise them.

Still, they don’t know what they don’t know, and in any event our contempt doesn’t move the needle a nanometer. Rather than be angry toward their childish worldview and get nothing significant done, we need a different approach. Would we lash out at a chemically-dependent relative or would we target them for an intervention? A term I have adopted to describe the phenomenon of their mindless, drone-like existence is mass formation – I wrote about it here recently – and much like our chemically-dependent loved ones, the politically naive are as much under a spell as anything else.

It is our job as the sober ones to alert them to their worsened state and help them recover. (And yes, there is a real moral component to this; myself and those of you reading this are in the right – both politically and literally, as it happens – while our brainwashed loved ones are in the wrong. It is not only the correct thing to do in snapping them from their hypnosis but the morally imperative thing to do.)

How do we achieve this?

It won’t be easy, but we have to whittle away at their belief system. One technique that has actually worked for me on a small, personal scale is to engage in protracted conversations using known fabricated media narratives. I will go through a few examples in a moment. Indeed, the only solution to mass formation is through individual conversions. There can be no mass reformation per se. The goal of this effort is to ultimately prompt the simple question of: If I was lied to about this, what else might be a lie?

As with the premise of Inception, the individual has to believe the idea comes from within; by planting doubt, the only hope is that enough honest self-reflection takes hold.

I was reminded of the power of individual ideological salvation through a regular text chain that I maintain with two divergent thinkers. We mostly like to exchange memes (for the record, leftist memes are not funny at all, just wrong, pathetic, and mean spirited) but often delve into cultural or political topics. To provide more background, they are both self-described “left-leaning libertarians,” which is to say these fellas don’t have a clue what they believe in. One of them is a self-described anarcho-capitalist who actually voted for Joe Biden, so their political formation is jejune at best.

This is a long-winded way to get into the red pilling that has occurred in my group and how I believe we can all engage in it. It’s particularly ideal for family and friends because it’s non-confrontational respectful, and the results will continue long after you’ve concluded the talking.

Of course, maybe it doesn’t work and we’re all screwed anyway. Given the only two choices of trying and losing or just losing, we might as well try.

The moment I realized my comments had made a dent came through as we were discussing the events of January 6th. One of them remarked that conservatives and Republicans supported the police until they were killing them in a riot. I kid you not, my friend still believed that the deceased Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick was hit on the head by a deranged lunatic with a fire extinguisher.

I let that stupid comment sit and was preparing a response when, to his credit, he texted again: “Never mind, I just Googled it. He died of natural causes.”

It was time for more questions. I provided a short list of narratives for him to tell me about Trump’s presidency: Russian Collusion, Charlottesville, Lafayette Square, and Bountygate. The list is endless but these examples would suffice. I asked him to tell me what he knew (in reality, what he thought he knew) and after each remark sent him a reliable news source that debunked his understanding.

Not only did they lie to you about how Officer Sicknick died, they knowingly presented him as a martyr to democracy by resting him in the very Rotunda he allegedly died to save. Why would they do that if they knew it was false? We have audio evidence of Trump denouncing the KKK thrice in the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville, and yet Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign by repeating such an obvious lie?

We now know that it was Hillary colluding with the Russians, not Trump, and that it was Biden pressuring the Ukranians to act in his own self-serving interest, not Trump. Did he see a pattern yet? Asking rhetorical questions forces him to internally answer rather than more easily reject any declarative statement I could equally make.

I allowed more questions to follow. Why was the Hunter Biden story squashed? Why was Ivermectin declared to be a horse dewormer by the FDA (the same body that authorizes vaccine use)  even though it has been approved for human use by the CDC and won a Nobel Prize for human consumption? What happened to natural immunity? Why was Trump kicked off Twitter and not Taliban or Iranian terrorists? Why can you eat on an airplane or at an airport restaurant without a mask but then be kicked off a plane for not wearing one at other times and have to sit in the terminal with one?

Change will not happen overnight, but the relentless pursuit of truth will corrode their false sense of reality. We must ask questions. We must point out falsehoods. We must try.

If not, we will lose our friends, family, and country.

Author’s note: As I was writing this article, news broke that YouTube had suspended Stephen Crowder for a week after he spoke about the continued rape of girls by mentally unstable men falsely believing they were women. The latest bombshell comes courtesy of The Daily Wire, whose first big investigative piece broke the story of a Loudoun County father being arrested at a school board meeting for trying to bring awareness to the fact that a male entered a girl’s restroom and sexually assaulted his high school daughter. As with the supposed science behind Covid, why does Big Tech and Big Government try so hard to censor actual science? We are provided examples every day of patently untrue narratives being pushed. We must not relent in asking our friends and family to acknowledge the lies.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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