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Kamala Changes Her Tune On National Discovery

By this time we’re all familiar with our national history being torched by far left Democrat fools who deface monuments and tear down statues of national heroes, and all because a foreigner like Christopher Columbus took the risk of sailing from Europe and “discovered” the new world in North America. Everything else that’s happened in America, like prosperity, improved healthcare, representative government and comfortable living, stems from Columbus’ dangerous trip over 500 years ago.

But idiot Democrats can’t learn from the lessons of history, so this week we are seeing the total fool, Kamala Harris, breaking with her anti-discovery, anti-European explorers, anti-America political party, and she’s now praising the idea of discovering outer space in a completely rehearsed and staged video where she pretends to be excited to share her love of “discovery” and her absolute fondness for moon craters with students, who (oops) were hired actors for the filming event. But moon craters are exciting to Kamala? I seriously doubt it.

The directing for this little film (can it accurately be called an Indie?) was horrible, with Kamala waving her over-demonstrative hands and screeching with delight as she describes the joys of space travel and experiencing new thrills on space rocks, something she‘s never shown any attraction to in the past.

Why the hell is our vice president making phony and insulting recordings and not doing something about the disastrous border situation? Was she not appointed to be the Czarina of the border by old numb-nut Biden?

With her evident hate for America, one wonders why our Kamala doesn’t return to one of the s**t-hole countries that her parents came from, who of course selected America as a nation in which they could live well and live free. And one also wishes Kamala would leave and take her cackle and her adenoidal speech pattern with her.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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