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It is time to stop the Capitol insurrection hoax

Additional security footage has been released from the Capitol on January 6th which shows those who entered the Capitol building. Since the day of the events, we have been told that these people stormed the Capitol and attempted to overthrow the U.S. government.

Reports from on the ground told an entirely different story. They told a story of people that were welcomed inside and that there were few, if any, who were attempting to cause problems. Then this video was released.

Zoe Tillman is from left-wing outlet BuzzFeed and of course, she is going to label this as a “breach.” There is nothing in this video that looks like a breach.

The video starts with people walking through doors and being welcomed by Capitol police. The officers then held the doors for the people. If these Americans who entered the Capitol were attempting to overthrow the government, the video sure doesn’t show it.

But there are some key points that the video does show us. It continues to prove that the January 6 committee in Congress is just another hoax investigation by the Democrats. It’s simply more political theater that is a waste of money.

The Democrats continue to use it as a means to attack Donald Trump. They are using it to keep the narrative alive that Trump is a bad man. The only thing evil in this picture are the Democrats that are wasting American taxpayer dollars on another sham investigation.

The video also tells the truth about the people who entered the Capitol building. As I said before, if they were truly looking to attack Mike Pence, overthrow the government or anything else of the sort, the video does not show it.

It does, however, raise a lot of questions about the murder of Ashli Babbit. Yes, you read that correctly. While the mainstream media and the radical left have tried to label this as a means of self-defense and “saving the country,” it appears that she was probably murdered based on this video.

The Department of Justice, under the Biden regime, determined not to prosecute the officer but it is easy to understand why Babbitt and others felt the door should be opened. Many of them had just walked through doors as officers held the doors for them and welcomed them in! Throughout their entire time inside the Capitol, they had not injured anyone or performed any of the radical acts that the Democrats claimed.

Are we really going to believe that these people were terrorists and that they were attempting to overthrow the government? Watch the video. Americans of all ages can be seen entering into the Capitol. This was not a coordinated effort to overthrow the United States government.

The real question is are we really going to let another sham investigation continue? Multiple times in the course of the past five years, Democrats have tried to hold investigations into claims of illegal activity or bad actions by conservatives. Each and every time they have been caught wasting taxpayer dollars.

The evidence is clear and the video tells the entire story. The Capitol was not “breached” and there was no attempted insurrection as the Democrats and mainstream media want to claim. It is time to put an end to the ridiculous investigations and the attempts of the Democrats to undermine the American people.

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