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How The Left Has Redefined Words In The Covid Era

The Blue State Conservative

“In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible because there will be no words in which to express it.” – 1984

From the beginning of the alleged pandemic, the ruling class has been as dishonest as possible in their response to Covid. Much of their power over the hysterics has derived from the manipulation of language. At times it was counterintuitive, but fear overpowers reason in weak-minded people.

Stopping air travel from the epicenter was considered xenophobic. What is xenophobic about mitigating the spread of a supposedly terrible virus? No one asked. In the context of the Trump administration, xenophobia was merely a word loaded with pejorative meaning. Refusing the vaccine continues to be construed as selfish; don’t get it for you, get it for others, they say. What extra protection does my vaccination offer to others if it truly works and someone else already got it? Again, no one asks. In the context of vaccine status, the very concept of individuality is being erased in favor of the nebulous greater good.

Amazingly, even though the Biden administration has since allowed its lead scientists to admit on national television that cloth masks are wholly ineffective, that social distancing at six feet is completely arbitrary, that PCR tests need to be retired by the end of the year due to their worthless function as as a diagnostic tool, and that vaccines are not efficacious for anyone after just a few months, the majority of the herd – the brainwashed sheep – continue to chew unthinkingly on whatever government cud they can find.

Even when truth is acknowledged, it only becomes “the truth” when repeated ad nauseam on media and political outlets of a certain persuasion.

Now, it is not just that people have been brainwashed, though they have (the psychological term is mass formation). Society is increasingly full of people that not only don’t think for themselves but of people that can’t even if they want to. This is the result of controlling language. This is the Orwellian premise of thoughtcrime literally becoming impossible.

Not only is certain language utilized (reminder that all of leftism’s evil ideas are couched in euphemisms; abortion for murder, fair share for wage theft, equity for racism, etc.), but words with precise meanings have been redefined right in front of us.

Herd immunity is one such example. Prior to Covid, herd immunity was a very basic concept that included natural and artificial immunity as two methods of a population building towards decreased transmission rates to the point of a disease ceasing to spread. A well-known example of relying on artificial inoculation to achieve herd immunity can be seen in the efforts of eradicating smallpox. A great example of natural immunity defeating the spread of a disease can be seen in the eventual disappearance of the Spanish Flu.

Importantly, though it was the deadliest pandemic of the 20th century, the Spanish Flu died out within two years despite no massive alterations to the fabrics of society. 

For no other reason than to propagandize, dictionary definitions from the most influential medical organizations in the world amended the definition of herd immunity to include only artificial protection. What happened to natural immunity? No one cared to ask. As we see everyday, when vaccine cultists are confronted with a survivor of Covid, they still recoil viscerally at the thought this person isn’t protected, despite more and more evidence to the contrary (in fact, they are more protected both in terms of longevity and against more viral proteins).

Even the very idea of a vaccine has evolved. Whereas the traditional sense of a vaccine was understood as attenuated strains of a virus creating a physiological response that would both protect from future illness and transmission, nothing even close to those features is resembled in the nightmarish mRNA injections. Going back in history, the first successful vaccine for smallpox was derived from a cowpox strain. The virus itself stimulated a full immune response from the intentionally infected so as to enable a prepared response when exposed to the more lethal smallpox virus. In all future vaccines, though the process itself was artificial, the physiologic response was very real.

The same cannot be said in the least of the current generation of mRNA vaccines. Not only do these injections not contain the real virus, therefore prompting a very limited immune response, they do not even meet the minimum expectation of conferring protection from either having a reaction to the virus or later transmitting it. Why do countries (like Israel) or states (like Vermont) with the highest rates of mass vaccination still suffer from the highest infection rates? No one asks.

The definition of a medical case was likewise repurposed to suit the needs of global elites. Again, prior to Covid, the idea of a case was confined to patients perhaps testing positive (to date, no test exists to isolate SARS-COV-2) but more importantly presenting with clinical symptoms. The counting of a medical case, once reserved for sick people, suddenly only required a faulty PCR test amplified enough to find Covid in water, fruits, goats, and a host of inanimate objects. Healthy people who accidentally found out they had Covid – or might have had it, recovered, but had enough viral fragments to be perceived by the super-enhanced PCR test – all contributed to the CNN fear-porn ticker.

Finally, the notion of a pandemic itself has been warped. Before the world had heard of Covid-19, the term “pandemic” conjured up terrible images of the black death or flu outbreak in 1918. A viral pandemic showed no mercy to the young or old, the healthy or sick; it struck without warning or prejudice. Today, a pandemic simply refers to a sickness that exacerbates underlying medical conditions but on its own kills just an estimated 6% of its victims. It’s supposedly extremely deadly and contagious, yet hardly anyone knows they have it when they get it and gatherings of 100,000+ people occur every week. Under normal circumstances, conditions like this would hardly warrant an extra dollop of hand sanitizer, let alone two years of draconian misery.

Common language is one of the central components to the development and sustainment of a culture. More importantly, it facilitates our own thoughts and communication. Without diversity of words and language, what is left of the human spirit? Indeed, we are as limited to thoughts as we are the words to express them.

The practice of what Orwell labeled as thoughtcrime is freedom. Freedom of thought. Freedom of belief. Freedom of speech. It is all under attack.

The good news is that linguistic freedom only disappears if we let it. And, we can make language evolve on our own to suit our needs. Let’s go, Brandon.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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