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Fauci lied about gain of function and Congress is still more worried about parents

The latest details are in that prove that Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to Congress about gain of function research in Wuhan. The details are courtesy of the NIH to correct the lies that Fauci told to Congress while under oath.

What’s even a bigger deal is that Fauci and the NIH knew about this well before the COVID pandemic ever began. According to the NIH, they reviewed documents in 2018 related to gain of function research in Wuhan.

JD Rucker at The Liberty Daily makes a great point:

The letter goes to great lengths to make it clear the research conducted by EcoHealth Alliance could not have resulted in the development of Covid-19, but here’s the thing. They made this claim before receiving the unpublished documentation surrounding the research. They’re claiming that the differences between the research the NIH funded and what developed into the Covid-19 bioweapon were too distinct for them to be related. That’s a conclusion that is NOT possible until they get their hands on the full research.

Democrats have made a big deal about the coronavirus and about how it has disrupted every aspect of American life. They have described how thousands have died and forced Americans into submission for mandatory COVID shots. Yet, they are not dealing with the actual source of the virus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci bears a lot of the responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic and Congress is doing nothing about it. As you can see, Sen. Rand Paul realizes how big of an issue this really is. He called this from the beginning when the Democrats and mainstream media wanted to blow past the issue.

Rather than dealing with the issue, Democrats are more interested in arguing over playing a video in a Judiciary Committee hearing today. They are more interested in their sham investigation into January 6 and trying to continue their assault on Donald Trump.

If you have not realized by now, Congress is failing Americans. Few Republicans and absolutely zero Democrats have any interest in America as we know it. If they were concerned about American lives as they have claimed, they would have immediately called Fauci in and charged him for his actions.

Fauci deserves to be in prison for lying and for his role in the COVID pandemic. He deliberately misled the American people and Congress on the source of the virus. The best part? Absolutely nothing will happen to him.

Fauci is going to go about his life continuing to live above the fray. He was celebrated by the radical left for his role in the Trump administration and they have continued to protect him since Biden took office.

It is time to hold Fauci accountable for his actions and the Democrats/MSM accountable for helping him cover it up. While the virus is not as deadly as the radical left would like to portray, Fauci, Democrats, and the mainstream media appear to have coordinated their efforts which resulted in thousands of Americans dying unnecessarily.

Instead, Democrats are going to continue to argue about how parents are the real threat to Americans. After all, they are domestic terrorists for standing up for American freedom you know.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. If I made a nuclear device, and that device killed 5 million people, either accidentally or on purpose, do you think that would be a problem? We now have people who know how, and are willing, to make deadly devices. Whether they we were unleashed on the public by accident, or on purpose, shouldn’t we find out? Shouldn’t we stop it? Everyone just standing by guarantees it will happen again! Next time it will be worse! Democrats played this to their advantage, across the board. Covid has been so effective in forwarding their agenda, do you not think they will do it again? This is “science” in the same way abortion is science! THIS MUST BE STOPPED!

  2. I want to see faucets phone records, and if possible a documentation on his travels and if anyone accompanied him. His banking records could really show who else is involved with him directly. It’s impossible that he acted alone, he doesn’t have the resources to hide or misdirect info.

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