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Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg disliked the radical left’s anti-America actions

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail shared an exclusive story about how Katie Couric purposefully lied about comments by late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In the article, Couric shared how she purposefully omitted comments by Ginsburg because she felt the comments would put the Justice in a negative light.

Couric said she was not sure if the Justice, who was 83 at the time, even understood the question because of her age. Yes, she said that she believed she was too old to understand what she was asked, but that the Justice was still a fighter for equality and worthy of holding her seat on the Supreme Court.

The Daily Mail reports:

Couric felt that when Ginsburg said that people like Kaepernick were ‘dumb and disrespectful’ they were comments that were ‘unworthy of a crusader for equality’ like the liberal Supreme Court justice.

Couric used the language that the Justice said, calling those who kneeled for the national anthem ‘stupid and arrogant.’ But the Justice also said that the actions of these protesters showed ‘contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life.’

So let me clarify. The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who the left celebrated as a champion for their liberal causes, did not support the anti-government movement of the radical left. She was against the showing of contempt toward the government who made it possible to have a decent life.

Well, that certainly goes against the Black Lives Matter movement, doesn’t it? For years we have heard how these people were so oppressed and kept from being able to live a decent life. But Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the celebrated left-wing Justice, said the exact opposite.

Ginsburg also said the same of those who burn the U.S. flag, showing she was against the Antifa ideals as well. According to the Daily Mail, Ginsburg continued, “If they want to be arrogant, there’s no law that prevents them from that. What I would do is strongly take issue with the point of view that they are expressing when they do that.”

Rather than reporting the actual facts of the story, Couric protected Ginsburg in an attempt to continue to push the radical left’s agenda. Had these comments surfaced prior to Ginsburg’s death, they would have destroyed the mission and the agenda of the radical left.

Couric certainly could not let that happen. Couric took the opinion of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and hid it behind her own political opinion. That is not journalism, that is propaganda and keeping the American people from hearing the truth.

Will you hear U.S. news cover this story? Absolutely not. It does not help promote the narrative and agenda. It does not help them deliver propaganda to the American people.

The next thing you will hear, Couric will win some type of journalism award for bravery. She will be rewarded for her actions in promoting the false narrative of the radical left, as the mainstream media continues to block Americans from hearing the truth. It’s a shame and a disgrace.

I certainly did not agree with all of Ginsburg’s opinions and beliefs, but I finally found one we did agree on. The actions of the radical left and the domestic terrorists called Antifa and Black Lives Matter that they are supporting, it is disrespectful and dumb. They are showing contempt for a government that has allowed them to live in the greatest nation on the face of this earth.

That is until they ultimately destroy it with their radical agenda. But that’s another story.

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