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Daylight Saving Time Ends Soon, Does Anyone Still Change Their Clocks?

Technology has changed so much in our world since I was a school kid. I remember the confused mornings when alarms went off an hour too early or an hour too late because we had forgotten to change the clocks.

But with the end of Daylight Saving Time right around the corner, does anyone manually change their clocks anymore?

“Back in the day” – imagine a grandma voice – clocks weren’t on every device we owned. The stove might have had an analog clock that no one paid attention to, and there were usually a few wall clocks around that everyone ignored. The only clock in the house that mattered was the bedside alarm clock.

We weren’t a television-watching family and often went to Saturday evening mass. That meant that our clocks might get through daylight saving time changes without actually getting changed – ergo, the Monday oops.

Now, everything we depend on has a clock that regularly synchs to highly-accurate computer clocks around the world. Heck, drive from one time zone to another and almost everything you own has likely already adjusted its clock.

We use smartphones, smartwatches, smart speakers, and smart clocks to wake us up in the morning and they all adjust themselves. So… does anyone actually change their clocks by hand anymore? Sure, but not right away.

Typically our kitchen wall clock, stove clock, and microwave clock are wrong for a day or two. No one actually uses them to tell time. But eventually, yes, we pull that antique off the wall and move it one hour this way or that and press buttons on the ranges to bring our appliances into agreement with our personal electronics.

The coffee maker… yeah, it’s wrong for a while.

When Does Daylight Saving Time End in 2021

This year’s “fall back” change happens at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 7th. This means an extra hour of sleep, whether you wanted it or not.

If your Sundays are more of a “whatever happens, happens” kind of day, then it won’t affect you much.

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  1. The article states, “This year’s “fall back” change happens at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 7th. This means that if you need to make church on Sunday or be up in time for an early Sunday show, your smart things are going to short change you an hour of sleep, whether you want them to or not.

    If one hour of sleep can change how your day goes, wake up an hour earlier on Saturday morning and go to bed an hour earlier than normal Saturday night. That will give your body an extra day to adjust.”

    However, I think the “Fall Back” gives us an extra hour of sleep, not less. It’s the “Spring Forward” that makes us lose an hour.

  2. This is the easy thing and yet we can’t even get a consensus to end the clock changing insanity. How would we even think we could get something more complex through our Govt.

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