Can Biden’s plan put an end to the child care crisis?

The lack of affordable child care prevents many women from making progress in their careers. Neither can they go to college or work a full-time job. Until now, there has been no federal plan to help parents with child care, which is a reason for worry, especially since there’s no guarantee schools will reopen for in-person learning. At present, many families are torn between two decisions: spending a great amount of their income on child care and finding a cheaper alternative (leaving the workforce). It’s about time politicians ended the crisis and offered robust funding. Promises were made of better actions in the future, but policy implementation is yet to be agreed upon. 

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Child care is ridiculously expensive 

It doesn’t matter if you have your mind set on a formal child care center, family daycare, etc., all options are expensive. Obtaining care for your loved ones costs just as much as acquiring a new car. It’s getting more expensive day by day. In Texas, the cost of a typical daycare center is around $7,000 annually. This is staggering considering that negligent supervision commonly applies to children. If you sign up your kid for daycare in Houston, most likely, you’ll be asked to sign a liability clause to deter you from pursuing legal action. The victims of negligence and their families are entitled to monetary compensation. In this respect, it’s a good idea to talk to a Houston daycare negligence lawyer

Attention needs to be paid to the fact that child care costs vary by state and city. Budget estimates are calculated based on several factors, such as: 

  • Rent
  • Educational supplies, food, medical supplies
  • Office and administrative costs
  • Labor

Without sustained investment in the sector, the United States doesn’t stand a chance to put an end to the child care crisis. The new administration should create a national office for children to support low-income families through child care financial assistance. 

President Biden pledges to fix the child care crisis  

President Joe Biden disclosed that he has a plan for $1.9 trillion in spending to come to the help of parents, not wanting them to make devastating choices that would compromise their futures. This plan aims, among other things, to subsidize the Child Care and Development Block Grant program, the federal funding stream administered by states that helps individuals with child care costs. Biden’s plan includes an interesting proposal to make preschool universal free.  Every kid would have the opportunity to attend a high-quality preschool. It’s hoped there won’t be any political resistance. 

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents didn’t have to pay for anything. The explanation lies in the fact that some states fully covered the cost of child care for essential workers beginning with March 2020. When everything goes back to normal, however, they’ll be forced to foot the bill. Biden makes available a detailed plan to build a better child care system. It’s necessary to adjust tax breaks for real estate investors and ensure high-income people comply with tax law. But it can be done. 

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