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The Dems And Weepy Joey Offer Americans A Deal They Can’t Refuse

The filthy Democrats are dealing in dangerous territory. If you don’t obey your wiser and political betters and get a covid vaccination, you’ll be fired from your job and made penniless for the rest of your worthless life. This is the message from Biden and the Democrats, and that’s the deal they are offering patriotic, tax-paying citizens of America. It sounds exactly like part of the script of one of the Godfather movies in which some honest sap is forced to do something he doesn’t want to do, but has no choice. This sort of deal is absolutely un-American and filthy dirty.

The immediate and most shameful part of this unconstitutional deal is that a vast number of the employees being fired are healthcare workers, nurses, aides, technicians and doctors, who worked in the dangerous and unknown world of covid all of 2020, risking their lives treating the sick who had contracted the disease, who know all of the arguments for vaccinations, pro and con, and have decided to not take this drug for purely personal reasons. But with leftist Democrats, you must not be permitted to make your own decisions, they’ll decide for you.

And the overriding and single most shameful thing about this coercion is that the proponents of this crime against fellow Americans can’t list one solid reason why anyone should fear an unvaccinated person. Those who have been vaccinated can’t be harmed; they‘ve been vaccinated after all. Children aren’t much effected by the covid (they are much more at risk of being killed by the annual flu each year, by being involved in biking accidents and from drowning, than by covid contraction) so the only persons at risk are the unvaccinated, who are either willing to take the risk of becoming infected themselves, or are immune to infection.

The best guess as to the reason for this stupid shaming mandate by the Dems is the 2022 election. Democrats want to lay a firm foundation of political hate on which to defeat the Republican(s) running for office in 2022 and 2024, but also to establish a curtain of hate against all non-vaccinated Republican citizens in the hope that they will inspire Democrat voters to vote for Democrats, in spite of the horror Bide created when leaving Afghanistan, the corrupt Hunter laptop, the open southern border, fraudulent presidential elections and other reasons why a sensible person would never vote Democrat again.

In a recent speech, Weepy Joey stated that he understood the frustration and anger that unvaccinated Americans feel against people who are not vaccinated. So asking people to vote against the non-vaccinated Republican and even permitting violence against Republicans (like the violence Democrats committed against the Trump campaign in 2016) so the plague of the unvaccinated can be eliminated and America can become clean once again is not only tolerated, it‘s firm political policy. And Democrats pretend to be the party of tolerance and diversity holding these ideas.

The Democrats have politicized a disease, and if one thing is true throughout history, there will never be an end to diseases. So be prepared to have your life controlled by leftists and get used to the hoops you will be required to jump through in order to remain in the good graces of hateful Democrats, year-after-year.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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