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Remember The 911 Plea To “Never Forget”? Well, Weeping Joey Forgot

One of the most meaningful and wise pieces of advice that came from the 911 commission investigating causes for the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, was to closely investigate and track all persons entering America to determine whether they’re friend or foe.

But our dithering, weeping president, he of serious mental decline, ignored the commission’s advice and opened our southern order, thereby allowing up to a million Central Americans and Haitians to flood across the river and invade America, with absolutely no ability to vet them and determine who really wants to enter our nation for a better life, and who wants to visit evil and destruction on America. And now tens of thousands of Afghani refugees are also being located in America, and Central Americans and Afghanis alike are free to travel throughout the U. S. with no idea, on the part of Biden’s administration, what the hell these people are doing nor of the diseases and crime they may be spreading as they move freely about. Thanks a lot, Joey.

The weeping fool in the White House won’t listen to advice from people who have good sense, so he needs to be impeached as soon as Republicans take the House and Senate in 2022. One clearly understands that upon his successful impeachment and conviction the idiot Kamala, who is also a fool and is in way over her head as VP, won’t do any better if she gains the Oval Office, but she sure as hell can’t do any worse than old Joey has done. And maybe Joey being forcibly removed from office will cause her to get advice from intelligent people, not party hacks, and follow wise advice instead of destructive anti-American, Democrat party political policies.

If Kamala proves to be as stupid as Weeping Joey, then she’ll be the next to go. One can’t help but wonder how the working and effective policies of Donald Trump weren’t kept in place on the border, or weren’t reverted to once it was obvious that Biden’s open border was going to do serious harm to America and its citizens.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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