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No, Jen Psaki — Biden Didn’t Inherit a “Broken System” at the Border

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki — characteristic of the renowned purveyor of political truths she’s consistently been — informed Fox News’ Peter Doocy that the ongoing border crisis is the product of a “broken system” inherited by President Joe Biden after she was asked why he has failed to personally visit the United States-Mexico border at any point in his career.

The Daily Caller reports:

“First of all, Peter, I think the situation at the border is the result of a broken system,” Psaki replied, going on to say that Biden planned to use his own experience as a senator working for comprehensive immigration reform to push Congress toward that goal.

Psaki then attempted to fall back on scapegoating the Trump administration for a two-decade-old family separation policy that was made precedent after a 1997 court decision.

“He uses all of his experiences to inform how he governs, how he approaches challenges, and certainly he looks again at the last four years and the separation of children who were ripped from the arms of their parents as a way he does not want to proceed,” Psaki concluded.

I struggle to recall a crisis of this magnitude being an issue during any administration I’ve personally lived through. Most data would back that up — illegal border crossings have surged under Biden after what Pew Research indicates to have largely been a twelve-year lull under Obama and Trump.

It was the Biden administration that reinstated “catch and release,” tried to rescind the Trump-era “remain in Mexico” policy, and establish a “Family Reuinification Task Force” as detention facilities overflowed.

It was his party that spent the entirety of the Trump administration comparing immigration authorities to the Gestapo as they repeatedly denied funding for enhanced security at the border.

The idea that what we’re seeing in Del Rio is just an inevitability that happened to rear its head under Biden is patent nonsense.

This isn’t the fault of Trump, Obama, Bush, or Clinton. This is the result of how existing policy is being executed right now, on top of the incoherence of new policy that has been advanced by the Biden administration and egged on by both congressional Democrats and the sycophants comprising his Cabinet.

This all falls squarely on them.

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  1. If we need to point fingers at anyone because of the humongous amount of problems we now have to live through all fingers point to ol’ joe, the great pretender.

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