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Leftist Group Calls to Evict the Unvaccinated

On Wednesday, Occupy Democrats, a self-proclaimed “Grassroots political organization dedicated to helping progressive Democrats”, tweeted out the following:

The tweet refers to a recent story on Santiago Alvarez, a landlord in Southern Florida, who last month mandated all new and existing tenants be vaccinated for COVID or otherwise face possible eviction.

The Washington Post reports:

[A notice sent out by Alvarez’ office] read: “As of August 15, all new tenants must show proof of vaccination before moving in. … Existing tenants must show proof of vaccination before leases are renewed.” The policy, the notice stated, also applied to building employees.

Tenants wishing to renew their leases must now show proof of vaccination, Alvarez said, though he added that he is willing to allow more time for some long-term residents to meet the requirement. Employees who decline to get the vaccine will be terminated, Alvarez said.

Then, he sent tenants a letter encouraging them to get immunized as soon as possible. New tenants, the letter stated, must also show proof of vaccination as of Aug. 15. Those wishing to renew their leases were told to do the same.

“You don’t want to get vaccinated? You have to move,” Alvarez told The Post. “And if you don’t move, one must move forward with eviction.”

However, just last month, Occupy Democrats were tweeting their fervent support for President Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium:

The issue here is the complete lack of consistency in the case that Occupy Democrats seem to be making, which begs two questions: does there exist a right to housing, as most within the upper echelons of Occupy Democrats would presumably attest? Or, alternatively, is that right entirely contingent on people doing what progressive think tanks want them to?

If the answer is indeed the latter, then it doesn’t just contradict the ridiculous notion of a right to housing. It also validates the idea that vaccine requirements by both private and governmental institutions serve as a gateway to a two-tiered society — a society in which the compliant are strung along by their political betters with perpetual promises of grandeur and the noncompliant are shunned entirely.

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