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Democrats Mandate Limitations On Masking Choice, But Republicans Cannot Conversely Mandate Liberty And Freedom?

Currently America has in place in Washington a far-left administration which is fine with governors of blue states mandating that citizens wear masks, which are proven to be worthless in controlling the spread of disease, which is among the most personal limitation of behavior and personal choice anyone can have placed on them, to include imprisonment if those residents disobey the governors’ edicts. But conversely the power structure in America will defame Ron DeSantis and attempt to destroy his life if he tries to mandate to the citizens of Florida free choice and liberty on the subject of masking.

In other words, DeSantis allows the wearing of masks by those who wish to do so, but the leftists will not allow adults to not wear masks, and will not allow those adults’ children to not wear a mask in school if that is their choice. Democrats want control, Republicans want freedom and liberty.

In a constitutional republic this situation of not allowing personal choice is beyond belief and is contrary to everything America stands for. When will such meddling in private family and personal affairs end? Sadly, it will never end under Democrat control, but will grow to make American citizens slaves to the will of the government, and all because the leftists in Washington have found a way to require certain actions on the part of the public, in this case the phony declaration of health emergencies that everyone must obey under penalty of imprisonment.

It doesn’t matter that the covid disease is one of the least deadly diseases to be seen in a long time (in 2020 fewer children died of covid than died of the annual flu), because the government has pushed the fear factor to the point where otherwise intelligent people believe that death is imminent if a mask is not worn at all times.

The masking thing is part and parcel to the phenomenon developed during the Clinton administration which puts forth that a crisis should never go to waste. The current crisis de jour is the weak covid virus, and a crisis soon to follow covid on a larger scheme for the big-government, far left in America, is the lie of warming/change that the left crazies say is going to destroy the earth (these nutty people have been predicting the end of the earth for the last fifty years with no evidence that the end is any nearer now than it was fifty years ago). Once the lying left puts forth efforts to make the public respond to this created-from-whole-cloth emergency, then they’ll be able to force every citizen to give up their piston-powered cars in favor of an electric vehicle, and they will make our homes colder in the winter and hotter in the summer as coal-fired power plants are forced off-line in favor of the less dependable wind and solar sources of power, and all under the lying scheme that the phony warming/change thing is at heart a health emergency, and who can possibly oppose that?

There are real crises, and then there are phony crises created to direct behavior in a direction desired by government, and the pushers of these emergency events will force us to do their bidding, for our own good and the good of the nation, of course.

Supposedly in a capitalist society, we should be using the most efficient, the most productive and cheapest form of every aspect of our lives, and this form of production should be the one that best serves the lives and futures of the citizens. But the corrupt Biden administration won’t allow our capitalist economy to exercise these freedoms, and is instead forcibly steering America to authoritarian government and Socialist control.

This sort of control over American citizens’ lives and decision-making has never been done before. Measles, whooping cough, Polio, AIDS and other contagious diseases, and even the annual flu, which kills thirty thousand to eighty thousand people every year, has never been allowed to strip citizens of their right to work and play as they see fit, with or without a mask and/or a vaccination, but we’ve never before had the corrupt, anti-American and anti-constitutional type of government that is in place with the Biden administration, either.

To rephrase a quote from Forrest Gump: “Evil is as evil does“, and pure evil, which we may well regret some day soon, is coming out of Washington D.C. And if those evil persons are not voted out of office, and soon, our pleasant lives will become very unpleasant.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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