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Brainwashing: Where Conspiracy Meets Reality

Words are powerful tools that can control our thoughts and beliefs in more ways than people realize. Men can be easily trained to respond to various catchphrases that guide the nature and direction of a conversation. Joseph Stalin wrote in Concerning Marxism in Linguistics that certain sounds and tones can produce predictable reflexive reactions in people.

A good example is watching how those on the left are easily triggered by words they have been, for a lack of a better term, conditioned to respond too in a frantic manner. Another good example is the word brainwashing. Like conspiracy, this designation is likely to prompt responses of denial, skepticism and outright accusations of wearing a tinfoil hat.

This is due to the success of attaching negative associations to the word itself, which in turn, is an excellent example of how environment also controls behavior. Those responding to the word brainwashing in that way, have essentially been brainwashed themselves, and don’t even know it.

Brainwashing people has long been a discredited conspiracy theory, along with the idea of communist infiltration. Joseph McCarthy was attacked and ridiculed constantly, leading to the reactionary term “McCarthyism.” This derogatory moniker was attached to anyone claiming there was communist activity in the country, even though it is easily provable.

Brainwashing, or behavioral modification to be more technical, is also easily provable even though it borders on the conspiratorial. The phrase itself denotes images of people strapped in a chair, in some dingy basement run by MK Ultra operatives, with antennas protruding from their brain housing group.

Brainwashing is simply another word for behavioral change or thought control. Behavioral change strategies are mostly associated with B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning. Working off stimulus-response theory, operant conditioning manipulates the environment with systems of rewards and punishments meant to produce desirable behaviors while eliminating those considered undesirable. While these methods of controlling behavior are alive and well, and being used in our schools today, (which will be demonstrated later,) there is a conspiracy side that suggests a darker purpose for their use.

The book Brainwashing A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics has largely been discredited as a hoax. Allegedly written by Lavrentiy Beria, who was known as Stalin’s henchman, the book describes the psychology of transforming a nation from freedom to communism. Throughout the entire book, the reader will recognize relationships to what is being discussed, and what is happening in our society.

Particularly when it comes to the subject of man being nothing more than a stimulus-response organism. Beria writes (allegedly) that the communist line must be embedded in psychology courses throughout the United States, and that psychology itself must be the transmission belt for which students would be trained to accept communism. He states that students should never be fully educated in the processes of stimulus-response conditioning. (See chapter VII)

It is undeniable that our schools are using these types of behavioral modification techniques. Operant conditioning was first introduced in our schools as a tool to shape behavior and produce “good global citizens” as early as the 1960s. Children in school are praised for displaying behavior seen as appropriate or conducive to the socialist agenda. They refer to this as using social reinforcers.

Certain social stimuli are removed when the child is acting inappropriately, and others used regularly to reinforce socially acceptable behavior. Systems of approval and disapproval” as Skinner refers to them, are used as the stimulus to keep the children from expressing unpopular opinions, and accepting tenets like Critical Race Theory. An article entitled Operant Conditioning in the Classroom Setting: A Review of the Research states that the classroom is an optimum place for “behavioral engineering” because the children are a “captive audience in what is perhaps, an already overly controlled environment.”

The study of behavioral control through the environment has advanced steadily to the point where public policy can be used to shape behaviors based on an understanding of how we think and react to artificially induced stimulation. In 2015 President Obama signed an executive order entitled- Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People. This order authorized the U.S. Government to conduct behavioral analysis’ on the public for the purpose of understanding how to “nudge” them into compliance with public policy objectives.

“A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights — research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them — can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people.”

This is becoming more of a reality as behaviorists are learning how we respond to environmental cues, and adjust our behaviors not only psychologically, but economically as well. Skinner wrote in Beyond Freedom and Dignity that environmental circumstances influence behavior so effectively, there is little reason to believe we have any control over it at all. Controlling the environment, he believed, was the key to behavioral change. This is the Darwinist view of man embedded into the psychology textbooks, training students to accept communist doctrine. If we cannot control our behavior, we have no free will.

In a recent document released by the U.K. Institute of Government entitled Mindspace, which is a discussion on using public policy initiatives to control people, environmental manipulation for behavioral change is referred to as the Context Model. This model is based on their belief that people are not necessarily rational decision makers, and generally react according to their environmental surroundings.

Changing the context in which they make decisions is the goal. While this document states this approach gets less attention from social researchers, it is undeniable that environmental manipulation is playing a key role in gaining compliance with the Covid-19 agenda. Fear, and the use of approval/disapproval attitudes revolving around who complies and who does not, are the environmental controls used to persuade people to accept their loss of freedom.

The topic of brainwashing has been discredited as a whacky conspiracy theory by effectively attaching negative associations to the word itself. People have been trained to be skeptical of any discussion on the topic by some of the very methods discussed in this article. Decades of behavioral studies have revealed some subtle, uncomfortable truths of human behavior.

Many people are easily influenced by the simple fear of being isolated and not fitting in. Controlling the environment with systems of approval, praise and punishment is effective in pushing people to change their behaviors, and possibly their beliefs. Public schools are using these techniques by first, eliminating any possibility of the child developing a pro-America attitude, then rewarding them for accepting the lies of Critical Race Theory, or that America is the oppressive, imperialist, war mongering nation. As the Covid-19 agenda drives on, more schools are attempting to force mask mandates and social distancing, this will only isolate them further while making them more susceptible to this type of brainwashing.

To come up with effective solutions people must first understand the depths of the problem. What we are witnessing in our nation is not new. It is the culmination of decades of research into controlling thoughts and behavior, being applied on a massive scale.Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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