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Winken, Blinken And Nod Are Running The American Government

Winken (Kamala Harris), Blinken (Secretary of State Anthony Blinken) and Nod (our sleepy, nod-off president Biden) held an address about the tragedy they created in Afghanistan on Thursday in which President Joey belched lies and excuses about his complete failure as president related to events in Afghanistan. The three of them stood ran-rod straight on the stage, with Winken and Blinken wearing black masks that made them look more like the filthy and bearded Taliban warriors than the Taliban cadre themselves look.

Joey told some big whoppers, the most dangerous was his bragging about the great job he did in getting Americans out of Afghanistan, and the most outrageous being his lie about how supportive our foreign allies are with Biden’s performance this last week, and then our president and vice president hastily left Washington in order to get out of the way of the few adults still serving our nation in that insulting city, which means that they are not available to make decisions and cannot apply pressure or make life-saving, instant suggestions that may help the miserable and frightened Americans who are stranded in Kabul awaiting transport out of that hell-hole. The idea of a Commander in Chief is to have a civilian commander who is ready, willing and able to insert him-or herself and get things accomplished. But Winken and Nod are vacating the premises so Blinken can do his thing, that frightens me greatly, considering the horror show we’ve seen from our government this last week.

Actually getting these dithering, confused top-government fools out of Washington is probably the best thing that could happen toward getting Americans out of Afghanistan, but that still doesn’t excuse Joey from his refusal to tell our trained and ready-to-go military to get themselves situated immediately in-country and get our people out, with whatever means and ways they see fit. I trust the military to do the right thing; I don’t trust Joey and Kamala to do anything except behave with politics, ass-covering and optics foremost in their minds.

It appears that Joey is still afraid of making a decision that his staff will criticize him for, so nothing is being done to help our citizens isolated and threatened in Afghanistan, and the threats to their lives increase every day.

Winken, Blinken and Nod is an adorable child’s fairy tale, but the characters referred to in the title of this piece resemble a ghoul/fantasy comic book trio who are real-world failures and threats to America’s existence as a free nation operating under laws and a constitution. One hopes that history will damn these fools to hell for the mess they’ve made in America, both at our southern border and now in Afghanistan.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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