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Joe Biden’s Increasing Threat To America

Thinking people assumed that the aging, confused, brain-addled Joey Biden would just be a figurehead president and that his policies would come from more intelligent, actually thinking advisors. But assuming that his advisors are any smarter than our mentally incompetent Joey, which we have reason to disbelieve after last week’s fiasco in Afghanistan, recently we saw Joey sticking his chest out and huffily proclaiming that our allies completely support and respect Joey’s successful retreat from Afghanistan and that all Americans stranded there can simply get to the Kabul airport, show the Taliban guards their papers and all citizens would be flown home in short order.

The man speaking from the White House was denying reality, with his vice president and Secretary of State standing immediately behind him (although they looked more like Taliban tribesmen than American diplomats with their full-face, black masks proudly in place) and they offered no contradiction to his lying words.

Later the spokesmen for the Defense Department and the State Department set the record straight and told the truth about Biden’s complete foul-up, but it still appears that government employees fear Joey and will not contradict him while he’s around. One fears that this old man is pushing the commander-in-chief thing to the limit and that he may do more incompetent and dangerous things and not be opposed by his advisors, who fear his retaliation or punishment.

As though we haven’t seen enough stupidity from the Biden administration, with their open border and the Afghanistan fiasco, we still face a world at war with the liberties we all hold dear, and old Joey will not assure us that these liberties will be protected, considering his January 6th investigation of Trump supporters, his constant threat of a new national lockdown, his command that every American be vaccinated and his mandating masking at a whim. And what if Joey, still beholden to the Chinese for the millions of dollars they’ve given to the Biden family over the years, invites a team of Chinese diplomats to oversee the next American election, and of course the diplomats must be accompanied by an armed company of Chinese troops and a security staff, and they intend to reside in the White House after the election to see to the peaceful seating of the newly-elected Democrats and the transfer of power to the winners, yada, yada.

I have no doubt that the next impropriety committed by Biden will set America back even further than he’s caused us to be to this point, and I have reason to suspect that he will not be opposed in these acts by his staff. Who is going to stop this fool man and his insistence that he is the ruler of this nation?

Joey is worse than a loose cannon, he’s a loose-brained autocrat, and we should all be very afraid of him and his exercise of power.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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