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How the Different Types of Life Insurance Can Protect You

Getting life insurance can be a great decision, but it might make you feel emotional as well. The thought of your death can be difficult, and you might want to think about something else instead. However, it is critical to maintain your family’s wellbeing by ensuring they are provided for financially. By getting life insurance, you can ensure they will still be able to live well if something unexpected happened to you.

Protection While You are Alive

Life insurance can be beneficial to you while you are still alive as well. For example, if you have a terminal illness, you could sell the policy through a viatical settlement. The process would allow you to sell the policy to a settlement provider for a lump sum, which would be free of income taxes. You would not get as much as the face value of the policy, but it would still give you more money than the cash surrender value.

Since health insurance does not cover everything, especially if you are undergoing a long illness. You will want to find another way to cover at least a portion of the bills, and a viatical settlement can help you do so. You can review a guide on everything you need to know if you are considering going this route.

The Different Types of Insurance

It’s a good idea to understand the different types of life insurance. The two main types are term and permanent coverage. A permanent policy usually has both a death benefit and a cash value component. You can keep it for your entire lifetime, unless, of course, you decide to sell it. The policy typically has higher premiums than term, but part of those premiums goes toward the cash value component.

On the other hand, a term policy is usually simpler, and it offers a predetermined sum as its death benefit. If you pass away during the term in which you are insured, you can then receive that amount. It is not designed to be kept for as long as a time, so it is more affordable. Still, it does not have a cash value. But at some point, you might be able to convert it into a permanent policy.

Protection for Your Family

Taking out a life insurance policy allows you to protect your family if something happens to you. And you can often use the cash value of a permanent policy, even if you are still alive. You can often take out a withdrawal for an emergency, or you might take out a policy loan. With the economy being consistently unpredictable and prices on groceries rising, along with gas, and living expenses, it is not unrealistic that your emergency is simply a struggle to cope with inflated costs of living. Sometimes, these policies build up more cash value over time so waiting is typically beneficial, but emergencies do not typically appear on a preferred time schedule.

You can then use this to supplement your income once you have retired. And you can typically get the funds without the restrictions that other types of investments might have. Getting life insurance can help you maintain your financial wellbeing. If you do pass away, funeral expenses can be a financial burden to your family. And if they counted on you to bring in enough income to cover the mortgage and support the children, it is even more important to get a policy.

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