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Winemakers In Brawl Over Who Makes ‘Real’ Champagne


A new Russian law claims that the term “champagne” can only be used if it comes from Russian wine, provoking a French winemaker to stop exports to the country, the Associated Press reported Monday.

Winemaker Moet-Hennessy, a French multinational corporation, said it was suspending champagne shipments to Russia, according to the AP. “These provisions lead to a temporary suspension of deliveries of products to assess the impact of this new law,” Moet-Hennessy spokeswoman Anne Grimal said, according to the AP.

The sparkling white wine is champagne only if it comes from the Champagne region of France, according to The Spruce Eats.

“Russian champagne” is the only allowed usage of the term under the law passed Friday, according to the AP.

Champagne or “shampanskoye” in Russian, describes many wines, some of which are very cheap compared to the French’s luxurious image of the drink, according to the AP.

”For me, there is no doubt that real champagne comes from the Champagne region in France,” Pavel Titov, president of Abrau-Dyurso, said about the new law, according to the AP. “It is very important to protect Russian wines in our market and provide them with comprehensive patronage. But the legislative measures taken must be reasonable and not contradict common sense.”

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