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When did teaching pornography to 1st graders become normalized?

Worried parents and media critics stormed the New York Times on Thursday after the newspaper defended Justine Ang Fonte, a New York teacher who recently became infamous for her sexual education curriculum for children and young adults, as a “sex-positive educator,” and called her lessons “pornography literacy.”

Fonte was the Health & Wellness Director at Dalton School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for seven years. In May, she was asked to teach Junior and Senior students at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School on Upper West Side two zoom lessons in “pornography literacy and consent.” These lessons would contain some “masturbation” pictures, said outraged parents.

But the Times had a different point of view regarding this atrocious and wicked event, and appeared to backup Fonte.

“Pornography literacy classes are supposed to teach students how to critically assess what they see on the screen,” the Times tweeted, with a link to its report from Style reporter Valeriya Safronova. “But when a sex-positive educator taught her curriculum at two elite New York City schools recently, some parents were outraged.”

But the video would have outraged the parents to the point that, according to the New York Post, Dalton parents “bombarded” Fonte’s curriculum. Later Fonte would resign from Dalton with no ill will towards her reportedly at the school.

As a father of three sons, two of them under the age of seven I want to ask a question, aren’t people who try to teach porn to kids criminals? Even porn sites demand their visitors to certify that they are over 18 of age to access the sites.

Have we no values anymore? Decency and morality are no more! Have we no say in our children’s education under this administration?

Parents, grandparents, good and honourable people , lend me your ears, we live in a world run by hippies and indoctrinated leftists, a world where sons raise their hands against fathers, where brothers hate their brothers, where family and God mean less than nothing. This is the world we are leaving to our children and their children, a world where everything is allowed, including teaching pornography to our six year old innocent children.

Ask yourselves, how did we get here and why?

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