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Why do Businesses prefer Voice over Internet Protocol over Traditional Phone System?

Voice over internet protocol is growing fast as this offers services and features that traditional phone service does not provide. Besides, it gives all the benefits and standard features of traditional phone service. The best part one can enjoy all this at a fraction of the cost.

Many Benefits

Below are some valid reasons why businesses appreciate VoIP over the traditional phone system,

  • Lower Costs – First and foremost, the biggest perk of VoIP is the cost savings that it offers businesses. One can only install several phone lines, and the cost will add up quickly, mainly if their business makes long-distance calls regularly. By modifying communication data into data packets and sent over IP networks, it can solve two callers using a single phone. The IP network can be direct IP connections to one’s phone service provider. Besides, it can also be one’s existing net connection or a merge of both. Typically a traditional phone line charges for every minute of the call. In VoIP, one’s the only cost will be their monthly expenditure from their ISP. Most providers provide cost-effective or free calling.
  • Simplified Conferencing – Without the requirement for a dedicated phone line, conferencing will be simplified considerably. A traditional phone system will enable conferencing, yet one will pay for additional services and host several callers every time they need to conference. Through converged data networks, such features generally are native while its cost is built into the VoIP service’s lower price that one is paying for already.
  • Cost-Effective Software and Hardware – Another benefit of VoIP is its minimal costs related to software and hardware needed for operating the system. Every quality provider makes sure their clients have the latest software at all times and offer current hardware. Thus, it eliminates the requirement for businesses to purchase their infrastructure and phones, leading to extra cost savings. For best quality VoIP services, get it through professional companies via Cleod9 Voice. Not Limited to Voice Calls- Through VoIP, conferencing becomes much simpler. The best part is to transfer different media formats such as text, video, and images during their video calls or phone to augment their ability to conduct presentations or solve problems.
  • Worldwide Access – Many employers are reaping the perks of having their employees work remotely to reduce utility costs, smaller office spaces, among others. Besides, they have also discovered the advantages of VoIP, which enable their employees to telecommunicate effectively. Voice over internet protocol allows employees to remotely use the data services, fax, and voice of their office through their intranet. Above all, this technology is portable, thus enabling users to connect from abroad and home offices.
  • Mobility of Service – The specialty of VoIP is that it is incredibly mobile. If one needs to change their location or outgrow their current office, they can quickly transfer their VoIP system.
  • Better Bandwidth Use – Finally, VoIP helps in the higher efficient utilization of one’s existing bandwidth. Besides, it also reduces speech redundancies and allows compression to improve efficiencies.

Apart from these, businesses choose a voice over internet protocol over traditional phone systems due to the extensive features that this technology offers. It includes voicemail, contact lists, virtual numbers, caller ID, network flexibility, fax over IP, and easy installation, maintenance & configuration, among others.

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