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Musings On The Sin Of Being White In The Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Of The Perpetually Hate-Filled Democrat Party

So there stands Joey Biden, so old and white that it appears his skin will crack if he moves too quickly, lecturing white Americans, as he squints at the teleprompter, for their skin color and their alleged attitude of superiority and privilege, while Joey himself is practicing privilege simply by occupying the White House when so many people of color could so easily be there. By just noticing and commenting on the color of people’s skin and making judgments about their behavior based on that skin color, our idiot president is practicing the very essence of racism that this great nation has tried for decades to get rid of, and the fool man doesn’t even know it.

Our Joey claimed throughout the 2020 presidential campaign that he was not a radical leftist like Bernie and Kamala, yet he is now so far left that he appears about to wrap-around to the radical right if he takes one more radical step leftward. If Joey were really so upset at the racial disparity and prejudice that he believes exists, why wasn’t he expressing these radical views 30 years ago, or 20 years ago or even 6 years ago when he was Obama’s V.P.? He could have put a halt to all of the racism he thinks is plaguing America those many years earlier. And didn’t the two terms of Obama’s presidency prove the lie of the Democrat claim that white people hate blacks and always discriminate against them? Obama’s election required many tens of thousands of white votes, and Obama could never have been elected with black votes alone.

If America is the racist hell-hole Democrats claim it is, then where did the well-educated, prosperous, high-ranking, dark-skinned members of his administration come from? Most of them attended elite colleges and universities, which white people never get to even visit, let alone attend and graduate from. And where did the numerous multi-millionaire black athletes, musicians, lawyers, doctors and business people residing and prospering in this evil America, come from? Would these successful, accomplished dark-skinned people have been allowed to occupy the highly desirable jobs they occupy, and that white people would love to do, if white people were actually able to insert their “privilege” and deprive blacks of these high profile jobs?

If American was the evil, racist place Democrats claim it is, would there be the tens of thousands of POC storming our southern border daily, risking death, injury and rape traveling the length of Mexico, to get into this terrible nation?

And if Joey’s administration were actually interested in finding and punishing racists, he would have to look no further that his own party, which created the KKK to keep blacks in line; which practiced plantation slavery; which lynched blacks they found offensive; and whose sheriffs stood in school-house doors to keep black children out.

And if we’re looking at blame for there being enslaved Africans in America, we need look no further than the practice of African tribal enslavement of an opposing tribe when that tribe was defeated in a tribal war, and the resulting selling of these African slaves to the broader international slave trade that existed with North and South America and the Caribbean islands. And one cannot forget that many slaves in America were owned by wealthy American citizens, who were themselves black.

The idiotic Democrat idea that “privilege” is solely a white practice is simply stupid. When one realizes that the only real privilege in America today resides on the political left, with the likes of Hillary and James Comey receiving no punishment for their crimes of destroying cell phones that a judge had ordered saved as evidence, and for lying to a FISA court to get false evidence on a sitting president, with this then-sitting President (Trump) being persecuted and impeached for having committed no crime at all, while being eagerly tagged by America’s idiot, political left with the title of a privileged, racist person in America, by literally insane Democrats punishing him for winning an election that was owed and promised to Hillary, and for keeping his word as to the pro-America, pro-constitution positions his presidency would take.

The only crime Donald Trump committed was working for the benefit of the American citizens, not for his own personal power and his personal political enrichment. President Trump’s crime was trying to enrich Americans and preserve their rights under the constitution, not bad-mouthing America at every turn in an attempt to gain favor with our international enemies, and assure that money continued to flow into his children’s slush funds from slave-labor-using, dictatorial nations, which is what Hunter Biden is being favored with in his capacity of an indeed, privileged son of a sitting president who is as crooked as he is mentally demented.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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