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Fauci Cannot Move the Goalposts to Protect Himself This Time

On Tuesday, a Freedom of Information Act request allowed the release of many emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci. The Washington Post shared the emails that were from the spring of 2020 and outline the Doctor’s actions as well as growing celebrity status. They also outline the countless lies that he told the American people.

Such as the time he told his colleagues that a mask really would be pointless for the pandemic. But he insisted that the American people wear one, even arguing against those who said the science did not support face masks. Now, we have the data to prove face masks were useless, but Fauci has even advocated for double masking.

Or what about the lie about the Wuhan lab leak. He quickly advocated against the possibility that the virus came from the lab in Wuhan, China. He said that the most likely scenario was a passage from animal to human. That was until former President Donald Trump was out of office. Now, the emails show that he was colluding with the Chinese as they emailed to thank him for downplaying the story.

Other emails had suggestions that the coronavirus could potentially look engineered. It certainly appeared that way from the beginning, as many suggested it was engineered and released from a lab. Fauci continued to deny the plausibility of that suggestion, however.

Fauci had argued against the “gain of function” statements by the left. Unfortunately, his emails show that he was just telling another lie. Or perhaps he wants to call it moving the goalposts.

The mainstream media is doing all they can to spin this story into something to protect Fauci. They are claiming that he was struggling with his newly found celebrity status. Others are saying that Fauci simply was following the science at the time.

The truth is, there is no way for Dr. Anthony Fauci to spin this one and save himself.

The emails show that time and again he misled the American people. He knew the truth behind the scenes but continued to be adversarial to Donald Trump and the American public. He continued to advocate for restrictions, shutdowns, and against the science that he claimed he was following.

What Fauci did should be criminal. He purposefully misled the American people and used his position to undermine Donald Trump. He cost countless jobs, disrupted countless lives, and outright misled everyone at every step.

Scattered throughout the many lies in the emails from Dr. Fauci was one truth. Fauci claimed that there are some crazy people in this world. So crazy that they are willing to hype a pandemic while viewed as a public health expert, in order to help take down Donald Trump.

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