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Biden Admin to Use Taxpayer Money to Keep Blue Cities Afloat

Democrat-led cities across the nation are feeling the pain of their ill-conceived “defund the police” policies due to a massive crime wave striking at the heart of those urban areas, but the Biden administration wants to help – using your tax dollars.

During a press conference Wednesday, Biden announced plans to send money to under-policed cities so that they can staff-up their police departments.

Those cities chose to understaff their departments moving the money to other liberal policy items. Now, taxpayers in other cities and states will have to pay for their failed leadership. And Joe Biden is just the guy to make it happen.

This is a common practice among the left. Abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, understands that money is fungible so they move revenue away from their sparse non-abortion areas so that taxpayer money can pay for those while staying in line with the Hyde Amendment.

Blue cities are doing the same thing.

They moved money out of policing and into liberal unicorn projects that their constituents might not agree with. Then, as crime predictably moved in, they cried to D.C. to bail them out. Joe Biden has answered the call and now all taxpayers are indirectly funding liberal wish list spending.

These should be loans.

The worst of it is that it will become acceptable to move money from the U.S. General Fund to blue states and cities that are unable to mind their finances because crime … or something.

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  1. Ol’ joe thinks the same way as these brainless city leaders – that is that they don’t think at all. If they couldn’t take the time to think ahead of what could happen instead of having an emotional tic and hollering “defund the police” they’d be in better shape. I would like to vote on whether taxpayer money gets used to bail these loser cities out. They are a waste of money and they have a habit of misusing funds because it’s too easy for them to get hold of more taxpayers’ money. Let them stew.

  2. They should let Nancy pants, Joe and Kami foot the bill. Oh and my in-laws too! Demwits!

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