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Biden’s Speech Should Terrify Every American

President Joe Biden made his first speech to a joint session of Congress. While many were calling it a State of the Union, it was far from an inspiring speech about how wonderful America really is. Instead, it was a warning shot of how radical Joe Biden intends to be.

Biden spent well over an hour speaking about his radical programs. He attacked healthcare and education. He spoke of the trillions of dollars that he wants to spend as part of his programs aimed to provide free things to Americans that a government should never provide. Trillions added to the national debt that we simply cannot afford.

Biden declared war on American gun owners, calling for gun control. He declared war on American business, vowing to raise their taxes and increase regulations. He declared war on American workers, vowing government support for organized labor that will remove the freedom of workers to control their own future and destiny.

This was not a bipartisan-focused President delivering a State of the Union address as Biden declared he would be during his campaign. This was a radical-focused President outlining his plans to bankrupt and destroy America as we know it.

While the Democrats and mainstream media will celebrate the plans for programs, those programs will come at a significant cost. No amount of tax increases on the wealthiest of Americans can fully pay for the programs that Biden proposed.

He argued that many American businesses never paid taxes, and he was going to change that. He failed to mention the thousands of jobs that these businesses create that contribute billions to the US government through tax revenue. As he attacks those businesses, he puts those American jobs at risk. Jobs that Americans rely on to get by day after day.

The plans sound great to those who believe that you have a right to free things just for existing. For anyone that understands nothing is free, we realize that these plans will come at a significant cost. The plans will result in job losses, companies moving out, and the decimation of the US economy.

This President is not interested in making America stronger, but instead making us weaker. He is focused on removing our ability to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. He is committed to ensuring government dependence for the coming generation.

That is not a picture of bipartisanship, unity, or America as we have come to know it. Biden has talked a big talk on his commitment to bipartisanship, but nothing he has done so far has gained bipartisan support. Among his initiatives announced in his speech, he will continue to lack bipartisan support.

Biden believes that “Republicans” who helped him win the election by turning their backs on Trump will get on board and push his agenda. The truth is those “Republicans” are learning just how radical Joe Biden really is.

Across conservative media outlets, everyone was giving the warnings ahead of the election. Sure, Trump was not without some controversy. He was not as conservative and fiscally responsible as many would have liked. These “Republicans” believed that Joe Biden provided some sort of refuge from the crazy Trump tweets and the election fraud accusations.

Fast forward just 100 days into Biden’s presidency, and you easily see that Biden was not a moderate. He has embraced the Green New Deal. He has fully embraced free programs and big government expansions that everyone was warned about. Each program he announced was a massive expansion of government and government reach.

While Biden promised to build back better, each of his programs promises to destroy American jobs and push the cost of living expenses of every American significantly higher. This is not about electric vehicles and wind turbines as he says. This is about the government stepping into every aspect of American lives, while removing any protections and freedom you have in the process.

Biden promised that the jobs he wants to create are for Americans, requiring less than a college education. Then proceeded to elaborate on the importance of education. He promised that he would not raise taxes and would promote job growth, then described how he intended to destroy jobs and raise taxes on everyone. He called for police reform, where Democrats are pushing for the removal of police forces and allowing an increase in violent crimes. Then he said he wanted to remove your ability to protect yourself with guns unless the Democrats believe you are qualified to have one.

Sure, this may have not been a State of the Union address, but it certainly told you everything you need to know about the state of our union. Our nation is in trouble and on a pathway to complete destruction at the hands of the radical Democrats. The statements by Joe Biden should absolutely terrify every American.

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