Are The Leftist Networks Simply Reporting The News, Or Are They Reporting Racial News?

A few days ago a black man was recorded stomping and kicking an aged Asian woman nearly to death, and on April 2, 2021, two black men rammed their car into one of the Washington, D.C. blockades that the National Guard units have established to keep Trump supporters from successfully taking over the Capitol building, as Biden’s leftist colleagues say they intended to do on January 6th. And by the way, one police officer was killed in the violent attack with the automobile.

The black perps in both incidents have to this date and time not been called racists, they’ve not been called terrorists, no leftist cable news organization has stated or suggested that the three black men’s race was the cause of their violent actions, and these men’s crimes were not called racist, terrorist nor indicative of any particular way of their racial members behaving, based on these individual, violent actions.

Conservative and Republican news sources such as Fox, Rush Limbaugh’s program or Chris Plante’s radio show have drawn no conclusions about race, terrorism or racial group actions from these events, but are calmly waiting for officials to complete their investigations into each matter, and will allow those official conclusions to speak for themselves as to what inspired these men to do the terrible things they did. These conservative sources of news have stuck strictly to the public and official announcements of these events and have not flavored them with speculation about race or hate or innuendo, as the likes of CNN, NYT and WAPO do when any crime is committed by a white man, and the leftist cable commentators get especially descriptive and abusive of whites in general when the white men who commit crimes are Trump supporters.

When will CNN, NYT and WAPO, and other leftist reporting sources give white people involved in crimes the same objective, and strictly-news consideration that all sources of news give to blacks in the same position?

And as an aside, isn’t it just too delicious that the Washington barriers set up to keep the evil and dangerous white, Trump people from trying to bring down the Biden administration with a military attack and takeover of our government, were just attacked by black men, whom one may safely assume voted for Joey Biden in 2020?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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