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Trump To Return To Social Media on His Own Platform

Jason Miller made a comment Sunday that will excite Trump supporters across the country. The former Trump adviser said that Donald Trump will return to social media in two or three months on a platform of his own making.

Many suspected that Trump would become involved in a social media platform after Facebook and Twitter kicked him off their networks.

No other details were shared on Trump’s return to social media. Perhaps it could be tied to the upcoming social media launch from Trump Supporter Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow? That’s mere speculation, but it could happen.

It had been previously reported that Trump had discussions with Parler about potentially joining that platform last year. There were rumors that Trump had an account, and documents reported by BuzzFeed shared that Trump was offered a 40% ownership stake in the company if he made it his exclusive social media platform.

The deal was never signed and many have suggested that such a deal would have been illegal. It seems Trump has not lost his interest in the social media arena, however.

A Trump social media platform would be expected to draw millions of new users and would be an obvious love for mainstream media to continue to take Trump’s statements and ridicule him. Trump has been using his Save America PAC to issue his statements since leaving office.

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