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Time to Build Solar Panels! Major Layoff of Journalists Results in New Opportunities

The Huffington Post, a mainstay in the liberal rag media-sphere, was recently bought by an equally exhausting rag, BuzzFeed.  This has led to a restructuring that saw approximately 47 ‘journalists’ who never did a day of quality ‘journalisming’ in their lives were fired yesterday.

Naturally, the weeping and gnashing of teeth has begun and it’s loud and obnoxious!

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Huffpost, where I grew up professionally and to which i will forever have a deep emotional connection, is laying off 47 journalists today. I’m devastated for thse folks. https://t.co/NhlF81Og9l

Apparently, the distribution of pink slips to these ‘journalists’ wasn’t handled in the most diplomatic way.  Evidently, there was a meeting that transpired where those who were going to get canned would receive an e-mail by 1:00 p.m.  Naturally, this left people constantly refreshing their inboxes trying to find out whether they were going to keep their jobs.  No word if those retained would be receiving the desperately needed refresher course in Journalism 101.

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As someone who has last his job before, I don’t usually root for someone to find themselves in similar circumstances.  It was a difficult time and self-doubt crept in at all hours of the day and night.  However, I find myself feeling a bit indifferent given this situation.

The Huffington Post, without a doubt, is a left-wing garbage rag that has never been shy about its support for job-killing, liberal environmental policies.  For instance, when former Vice President Joe Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline, which destroyed at a minimum of 11,000 good paying jobs with just the single stroke of a pen.  When this occurred, the employees at The Huffington Post were filled with glee.  You can bet good money at least 95 percent were in favor of this move from the new president.  To them, those men and women who lost their jobs were just a number.  After all, these elites viewed this as a necessary cost to allow rich Leftists to virtue signal about climate change.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot and, when the job loss hits closer to home, we are supposed to suddenly care, feel and express sympathy!  Good news though!  According to Biden’s new ‘Climate Czar’, whatever that is, the job market for building solar panels is in high demand and all the rage now!  Perhaps it’s time to ensure those retraining career pipeline programs is fast-tracked online now so these individuals can get started learning to code or build solar panels.  No time like the present, right?

Guess what time it is?!  It’s Build-Solar-Panels day at BuzzFeed!

White House Press Secretary Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki provided an outrageous defense on behalf of the Biden administration after a series of recent job-killing initiatives.  If it’s good enough for someone in the oil and gas industry, it must be an even more seamless transition for the intellectual betters in the ‘news’ media can figure it out, right?

Besides, the contrast in levels of outrage here is vast, and it shows just how out of touch and insulated those in the news media really are.  When the ‘little people’ in flyover country lost their jobs due to pointless government action, journalists at The Huffington Post had no problem writing approvingly without a hint of sympathy for those that would end up out of work. They should expect to be treated with the same disregard when the alligator comes for them.

Personally, this should serve as a valuable lesson to those in the liberal media to treat others with more respect!  Perhaps it will do them well to care more about the plight of normal workers, even those who might not agree with them politically?

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