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The Left Wants to Cancel a Cartoon, But Not Andrew Cuomo

On Saturday, the internet was set ablaze with the discussion surrounding an article from The New York Times about a cartoon character named Pepe Le Pew. The author talks about the recent statements that Dr. Seuss books were racist and how many cartoons normalized racism and bias. For Pepe Le Pew, he said the skunk character, known for his infatuation with a cat, was perpetuating rape culture.

Charles Blow, the author, later said that right-wing blogs were upset that he made the statement that the cartoon contributed to rape culture. While the cartoon is satirical in its story, he argues that the cartoon helped teach boys that no really did not mean no.

Many others have come out in support of Blow’s comments. Others have come out strongly and said that the cartoon was also transphobic. While the Left wants to argue that the cartoon is an issue, they are overlooking a bigger issue.

They want to talk about how the cartoon character grabs the female, tries to kiss them without consent against their will, and how the cat struggles to get away from him. That certainly sounds like a familiar story of recent events from up in New York, doesn’t it?

There are photos of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo holding a woman who said the event happened against her will. There are numerous accusations and reports that the governor tried to kiss these women, to which they said no. He continued to pursue them and they attempted to get away from him, even transferring jobs to get away from him. If it’s wrong for a cartoon to take these actions, is it not wrong for a governor to take these actions?

Except the Democrats continue to overlook the actions of the New York governor. They want to cancel out cartoons for depicting the actions that the Democrat governor from New York actually took. That’s not an issue though, because the governor of New York is a Democrat and not a cartoon I guess?

Multiple women have accused the governor of these heinous acts, yet time and again the Left ignores them as if nothing is wrong. One Democrat even came out and said that even though three women have accused the governor, they would only think he should resign if another one came forward. Do they really believe Americans are that stupid?

Cancel culture will come full force after cartoons for a depiction of a skunk that is in love with a cat, but we cannot take a moral stand against a governor who took obvious actions against three women. Apparently, believe all women only applies if you are a cartoon or on the political right.

As he continued to bask in the spotlight of his article, Blow made one more statement that caught my attention on Saturday evening. He said that misogynists will defend their right to exercise harm to the death and excuse the harm as harmless.

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Misogynists – just like racists and homophobes – will defend to the death their “right” to exercise their harm, and to in fact excuse the harm as harmless.

If we are going to talk about misogynists, where is the outcry at Cuomo’s actions and his failure to deal with what he has done? Where is the frustration that he is blowing off his actions as harmless banter and joking? He continues to refuse to accept the responsibility that what he did was wrong. He refuses to believe that he hurt these women or caused them any harm. If you want to hold a cartoon skunk responsible for his actions, shouldn’t we hold the governor responsible for his?

Instead, the Left would rather deal with a cartoon skunk than a real issue. If you are going to claim to take a stand, take it on all circumstances, not just one that gets you a few minutes of attention. This is just more left-wing propaganda.

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Jared Dyson

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  1. Actual cartoon:
    A skunk thinks a cat is a skunk. So…….

    This helped teach skunks that “no” didn’t really mean no, that it was a part of “the game”, the starting line of a power struggle. It taught overcoming a cat’s strenuous, even physical objections, was normal, adorable, funny. They didn’t even give the cat the ability to SPEAK.

    Animals are people too. If men can be women. Women can be men. Everything can be whatever we want it to be.

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