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The Alinsky Factor: “Overwhelm the System”

For many watching the nightly news, the crisis currently playing out at our southern border may appear to be the unintended consequences of a bumbling and incompetent administration.

However, that simplistic notion falls short once we recall Biden’s comments during one of the 2020 Democratic debates in which the current occupant of the Oval Office promised if elected, illegal immigrants should “immediately surge to the border.”

The former VP continued; “I would, in fact, make sure that there is, we immediate surge to the border, all those people seeking asylum they deserve to be heard, that’s who we are, we are nation that says if you want to flee and you are fleeing oppression you should come.”  

No doubt a noble sentiment to be sure; however, logic suggests that an “immediate surge to the border” would undoubtedly overwhelm the system, which in turn would create a humanitarian crisis, the likes of which we’ve never experienced.

And perhaps, just perhaps, that might be the end goal all along, to overwhelm the system as outlined by the late radical extremist/ community organizer Saul Alinsky over 50 years ago.

The self-proclaimed Chicago communist viewed capitalism, the middle class, and, in particular, America as the enemy. He organized young radicals within the inner cities of America, in how to change the political system and created a detailed written manifesto published in 1971 titled “Rules for Radicals.”

In which he outlined 12-rules that would eventually transform America into a Socialist entity. One of his most ardent followers was a young charismatic lawyer and fellow Chicagoan also turned community organizer, Barack Obama who put them into practice years later, after becoming president Alinsky’s number one rule, in which he (Alinsky), acknowledged “control healthcare and you control the people.

Circle back to the present and what we’re witnessing under this administration is a continuation of the “Alinsky factor” in which overwhelming the system with a nonstop stream of disasters would eventually weaken America’s resolve.

Alinsky was also a brilliant technician, realizing that unforeseen events could be manipulated and exploited in achieving a desired political outcome, as witnessed by the two competing calamities currently affecting America, Covid-19, along with the issue of immigration.  

The pandemic proved to be a bonanza for radical Dems, in that the accomplishments of the Trump administration during its first term almost guaranteed the President’s reelection in 2020.

However, the worldwide virus unleashed by China quickly became the litmus test for every world leader around the globe. Democrats, along with their accomplices within the mainstream media, quickly seized the opportunity to discredit and ignore the President’s unprecedented accomplishment in dealing with the virus.

Nevertheless the phrase operationWarp-Speed” suddenly became the administration’s battle-cry. The White House quickly adopted a “wartime” strategy, commandeering the private sector to partner with the government, moreover using every available tool given to a chief executive to combat the deadly pandemic.

Regardless of the effort in producing a vaccine within record time, the radical left along with the mainstream media’s propaganda mill had already done its job in discrediting the administration’s efforts.

The “Alinsky factor” was also echoed during the Obama years when then Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel during a televised interview with the Wall Street Journal acknowledged; “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”  

Emanuel went on to explain that a crisis affords those in charge “an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” In short, seize political control during a legitimate crisis similar to what most Americans are currently experiencing due to Covid-19.

Chaos breeds uncertainty, which in turn provides those in charge with an excuse in justifying draconian measures that would otherwise never be tolerated by the vast majority of Americans.

After winning the contested presidency, Biden quickly embarked on an anti-Trump campaign eliminating all the safeguards instituted by the former president between Mexico and the U.S., which in part protected the sovereignty of the homeland. He further complicated the issue by encouraging illegal aliens to “immediately surge to the border.”

Moreover, denying reporters access to migrant detention facilities also heightened anxiety after it was revealed that the administration was also releasing Covid positive migrants into the U.S.

Ironically unlike the Trump era, there are no immigration activists demonstrating against the horrific Biden policies at the border, no mainstream reporters reminding viewers of the daily dread of witnessing unaccompanied children crammed into “cages” or abandoned by the coyotes and left on their own to navigate the thousand-mile journey through a hostile desert environment.  

Today there are currently over 16,000 unaccompanied migrant children being housed in deplorable conditions within makeshift shelters, some without running water.

There’s little doubt that if Saul David Alinsky were alive today he’d be extremely proud of the current political landscape.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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