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Sorry Nancy, No One Will Take Credit For Your Mess

On Tuesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference to discuss the upcoming vote on the COVID “relief” bill that the Democrats are pushing through Congress. They pushed the bill through the Senate using reconciliation – the nuclear option – without any support from Republicans. They are celebrating the “accomplishment” and doing their typical pressers for attention.

In her statements, Pelosi said that Republicans will vote against the COVID bill in the House and then take credit for it. She said that they will go into their districts and talk about what they did for their constituents. She shared how excited she was to get the bill passed and help build our economy.

More like build everyone else’s economy. The program does little to benefit the economy around the US at all. In fact, the majority of the bill is pet project pork spending for the Democrats. The Blaze gave a great rundown of the ridiculous inclusions into the bill:

Earmarked spending that was not struck from the bill includes:

  • $50 million for “family planning” nonprofit organizations like Planned Parenthood;
  • $852 million for civic volunteer organizations AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps Vista, and the National Senior Service Corps;
  • $470 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the National Endowment of the Arts and the Humanities;
  • $128.5 billion to fund K-12 education that the CBO estimates will be paid out between 2022 and 2028, after the pandemic is over;
  • $86 billion for pension plans; $50 billion for FEMA;
  • $39.6 billion for colleges and universities;
  • And $1.5 billion for Amtrak, among other spending.

Do any of those items seem like they are doing anything to address the COVID pandemic? Do any of those items sound like they are going to stimulate our economy and help Americans that are suffering? Absolutely not. It constitutes billions of dollars wasted on programs that have nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic.

Were it not stricken from the plan, it would have included money for a rail project for Speaker Pelosi, a bridge project for Sen. Chuck Schumer, and $15 minimum wage for all the progressives. Not one of those things provides any relief to Americans that may be suffering from the pandemic. Not to mention the ridiculous support of local Democratic governments, whose lack of frugality came to light amid the pandemic. Now, the federal government wants to step in and save their little friends across the country.

While they push for this bill to pass, Democrats are only promoting a few things in hopes that Americans will turn the other way. They believe that you will take your $1,400 check, new fully refundable child tax credit, and expanded unemployment benefits and overlook everything else that they are doing. They believe they can buy the silence of the American people.

They have the mainstream media in on the action, as they continue to produce poll after poll that argues in support of the package. I am fully convinced Americans are simply not paying attention to what is happening in this bill or no longer care. They are either blinded by the money that they want from the government or are simply ignoring the fact this is another $2 trillion on our national debt that is nothing but asinine waste.

So Speaker Pelosi can argue that anyone on the right may want to take credit for this bill and there may be a few. A very limited, not conservative few who will look at this and take credit even after voting against it. Not one single one of them could seriously believe that this bill is doing anything for our country.

Sorry, Nancy, no one in their right mind would take any credit for this garbage bill.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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Jared Dyson

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  1. Just another screw you public stimulus plan with only 9% going to Covid relief for the citizens of this country they do not mention her pet project in California and Chuckie’s bridge to Canada money to fund that either???? LIES and DECEPTION is all this group knows… Just like Obam-ass’s 2 TRILLION that had to be passed immediately!!! No information what the money went or how it was spent that I know of! Where the HELL IS THE REPUBLICAN Party?????? They are supposed to be watching out for the country and seem to once again be silent Mitch needs to go and NOW! Our freedom is slipping away with him doing NOTHING! Just letting the DEmo-RATS run wild with their plans and he is silent?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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