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Seeing Red…again

The multitude of executive orders that President Biden has signed recently is going to tax all of the energy we use, all of the companies that employ us, and all of the products and services we buy each day.  Not to mention our incomes.  He is also going to limit coal production, increase wind production, (an act of God I imagine), and reduce our oil production.  Coal miners will become programmers and our hospitality industry workers will be serving up solar panels.  And somewhere along the way, we are all going to be forced into cars we do not want to buy and public transportation that isn’t very efficient.  Mm, now what do we do?  Firewood, candles and horses, I imagine.  I went to bed as an American; I awoke as some hybrid-communal welfare seeking serfdom clone.  Did I wake up in hell?  Or is it that I am not dead, but have been transformed back to the 2009 Obama/Biden Administration?!  

The first time that I heard Barack Obama speak I thought that maybe this guy really had something to offer—something new, a visionary, enlightened.  A new kind of politician that was going to get back to the basics, reel in the enormous spending spree our Congress had been on, lower my taxes, bring me revolutionary healthcare, and basically orate the United States back into the Republic I had believed it to be.  Well, as they say, “don’t believe everything that you hear.”  I did get a new kind of politician, but he is wrapped in a coat of red, and yes, he is getting us back to the basics of walking and possibly equine ownership.  Don’t forget our renewed debt, trillions, nearing 30, wow that is new!  As for lowering my taxes, well let’s just say, if it isn’t called a tax, contribution instead, it cannot possibly be a tax.  And the revolutionary healthcare, it is going to start a revolution, but I fear not much else.  This re-run, so to speak, is not President Obama but the elder statesman, Joe Biden, somehow dialing in from his basement.  And shockingly he is now the President!  It just seems as if the rhetoric, policies, and bold red colors are back.  And the man behind the curtain…well let’s just say former President Obama is very, and I mean very near by.

I once believed, after all of the countries we had pulled from the communist grips of hell, we could never be so naive and arrogant as to think that communism would work here at home.  After all we are Americans!  We have fought valiantly for freedom the world over, why would we ever bring any of that home.  Well believe it, we are coming full circle, stretching and reaching with all our Trump inspired capitalistic hands to be socialized!  I suppose, every so often, all countries must fail and that through the failure its people can envision the glory they once had, it happens to the best of us.  It is now, sadly, happening to the greatest societal experiment the world has ever experienced. 

God help us all.

Sadly, I originally wrote this in 2009 and have only had to change of few words here and there and it’s amazing that in 2021 we have now circled back over a decade to the same failed miserable policies of 2009.  I just hope we can survive it a third time!

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