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Governors DeSantis and Abbott Will Lead the Way Out

The country is looking for a leader to finish the job of getting us out of the throws of this Pandemic and Woke Culture back to a normal America, if there can be such a thing. We have discussed the troubles of Cuomo, Newsom and Whitney but this post is going to feature a positive message. There are two Governors who are in the national spotlight for their efforts in their individual states and whether these activities can be a template for other Governors and their respective states. Whether it involves the Pandemic, Immigration or Education of our children, these two are not afraid to buck the trend, think outside the box and to stay true to their Conservative roots and make decisions that are good for their states and people. Governor DeSantis of Florida and Governor Abbott of Texas are taking on different challenges but the same goal….success and security for their people. It is interesting to see the pressure these two men are feeling from outside their states but to their credit, they are not being influenced by these negative assaults but rather seem to be bolstered by them.

Governor Abbott has been focused on two fronts in Texas and by the press conference I witnessed on Wednesday, he is angry at the Biden Administration for what they are doing to border states by letting thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border and infiltrate into the United States. He is furious that these actions are beginning to force Texas to dip into state funds to fight back against the effects of the current surge being encouraged by Biden. Abbott has also opened up his state as the country is trying to get out from under the stronghold of COVID-19. He is taking strong criticism but the stats back up his decision. The nuber of cases, hspitalizations and deaths as a result of COVID at down to a point where Texans can get back to living their lives with caution but without restrictions from the state. Texans are thrilled, the rest of the country not so much. Maybe that is simply a case of envy at the success for Texas and the shortfalls of leadership in their own backyard.

In Florida, Governor DeSantis has been taking heat for months from other parts of the country about his relaxed manner of handling COVID restrictions. Again, the numbers show that his decisions were the right ones for Florida and his people are taking advantage of the ability to send their kids to school, enjoy free commerce and to be able to have a semplance of normality in their lives. He also took to the air on Thursday and said he is going to take steps to end the poisoning of the minds of children in Florida schools by the Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory which teaches children to hate their countries and actually themselves. He will no longer allow edicators to work to get children to believe that they and their parents are racists and to blame for the plight of minority populations in America. He will instruct the school system in Florida to get back to teaching basic civics and not race hatred.

These are bold stands for these Governors to take and that is not intended to be a play on words for Governor Abbott who has been confined to a wheelchair since a fluke accident when he was in college. These two Governors are setting the bar high for other Governors to aspire to. I don’t think these two will fall like Cuomo, Newsom or Whitmer. The evidence shows that they have concern for their people, the people who gave them their votes and their hope. They may tarnish in time but right now, when we need people to look up to, we have DeSantis and Abbott. Let’s enjoy them while we can.

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Ray Cardello

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  1. SPOT ON !! oTHER WILL STAND UP IF THE PEOPLE ASK…..Don’t be shy, they work for you. et them know what you expect, when they do it, support them

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