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FamiSafe: Best parental control with location-tracking features

A parental control app is used for the online safety of kids. The Internet consists of many sites or websites that are inappropriate for kids. Porn sites, drug selling sites, online casino sites, etc., are illegal and addictive sites with which kids should stay away. Parents give smartphones to kids as education in modern society has become incomplete without using the Internet. The location tracking app is efficient in tracking the live location of kids. In this way, we can know our kids’ exact location and ensure their safety from kid’s kidnappers. FamiSafe is the only parental control app that has mobile location tracking features. FamiSafe parental control app can be installed on Android as well as ios platforms without any compatibility issues.

A common solution to track the live location of kids

Perhaps the easiest way to track kids’ location is to use Google chrome parental control features from a kid’s phone. This feature is available free of cost on all phones that have a Google chrome browser.

Features of Wondershare FamiSafe app

  • Real-time location sharing:-FamiSafe is the best mobile location tracker app for kids. It has a real-time GPS tracking system that enables it to track kids’ live location with 100% accuracy. We can check their real-time site from the remote parent device.
  • Location history tracking: For those parents who want to check the location history or keep track of a kid’s phone’s location history, they can use the FamiSafe app.
  • Geofencing setting: Using the Geofencing feature, we can ensure that our kids are away from those not appropriate places for them to visit.

How to download or install the Wondershare FamiSafe app?

  • FamiSafe app can be downloaded on android phones as well as apple devices without any compatibility issues. It is available on the app store of Apple devices or the android play store.
  • Once the installation is completed on the kid’s phone, we can monitor their online activities and track their live location with 100% accuracy.              

Other useful features of FamiSafe

  • Limit the screen time of a child’s phone:-Watching videos on mobile phones or too much playing games online for a longer duration can be bad for kids’ eyesight. That is why we need to ensure that kids do not overuse their mobile phones. Using the FamiSafe screen time app, we can easily limit a kid’s smartphone screen time. In this way, parents can ensure that kids are not using phones during eating, sleeping, or studying time.
  • Filter web contents:-Using the FamiSafe app on kid’s phones; we can filter the web contents. We can view their deleted browsing history and add exceptions for specific sites easily using this app. We can block apps or websites by categories on kid’s phones as well.

Price Plans of FamiSafe

FamiSafe is available in three paid plans, namely monthly, quarterly and annual plans. The yearly price of FamiSafe is 59.99 USD, the monthly plan is 9.99 USD, and the quarterly plan is 19.99 USD. The FamiSafe paid version app’s price and plans can be seen from the official website of FamiSafe.

Download link for FamiSafe app in Play store

App Store Direct link for downloading FamiSafe app

Amazon Store

Conclusion: -If we consider other parental control apps with the FamiSafe app, we will notice that the application file size of FamiSafe is less. This means that the FamiSafe app consumes less space on a device after installation, thereby making extra spaces for other useful apps. This app can be used for live location tracking of kid’s smartphones. The application interface is user-friendly, which makes the basic operation easy. Restricting the adult porn sites or gambling websites can be done efficiently using the FamiSafe parental control app. The application is safe to use as it is free from viruses or malware. In case you want to safeguard your kids and protect them from being bullied on the social media platform, we must use the FamiSafe app. This app can check unusual interactions on social media apps.

The apk version of FamiSafe can be downloaded from the play store or app store or the official website of FamiSafe. Since the application is free from viruses, it is safe to download and install Android or Apple devices. FamiSafe is the best cell phone tracker application that can find a kid’s phone’s pinpoint location.

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