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5 Reasons Why Dental Implants May Be Right For You

News that your natural teeth have to go is rarely a happy situation. Even as you get used to the idea of no longer having them, it’s necessary to consider the alternatives. Your dentist has confirmed that you’re a candidate for implants. Just what are dental implants? Why consider them over dentures? Here are five reasons that you should consider carefully.

A More Permanent Solution

One of the reasons why dental implants attract attention is that they are intended to last much longer than the typical set of dentures. The implants themselves could easily last for the rest of your life. The caps or crowns attached to the implants may or may not need replacing at some point. In any event, the average life of a set of implants is much longer than the several years a set of dentures usually last

No Worries About Slippage

With dentures, the only way to feel somewhat comfortable and secure is to use a dental adhesive. This is applied at least once daily and helps to hold the denture plates in position. Even so, there’s always the potential for a plate to slip at the worst possible time.

Dental implants are embedded in the gums. They aren’t going anywhere once the installation is complete. Just like real teeth, they stay put while you laugh, talk, chew, or so anything else that you normally do.

Your Daily Dental Hygiene Habits Don’t Change a Lot

Dentures require a different routine when it comes to dental hygiene. They come out at night and soak in a solution. In the morning, you get up, rinse them off, then clean them carefully before inserting them. Along the way, you have to be careful to not drop the denture plates. One wrong move and a plate can be in several pieces on the floor.

With dental implants, there’s no removing and soaking. You’ll brush them just as you used to brush your real teeth. There’s even specially designed dental floss that you can use to clean in between each implant and cap. As for mouthwash, use it just like you have in the past.

Two Implant Options to Consider

Did you know that there’s two options for dental implants? One involves inserting single implants into the gums. In this scenario, each implant basically fills the space where the natural teeth roots once resided. Of the two implant options, this is the one that takes longer to complete. It could be weeks or maybe months to get it all done.

Another approach is known as Teeth in a Day or All on Four implants. With this approach, four implants are sunk into each gum. A customized dental plate is prepared and attached to those implants. It’s not uncommon to sink all the implants in a single day and attach temporary plates. You’ll come back in a few days to receive your permanent plates.

A More Cost-Effective Alternative

Remember the fact that dental implants are designed to last much longer than dentures? Along with the convenience, this means you end up saving money over the long term. While you will spend more up front for the implants, think of how much you invest after buying three or more sets of dentures over a couple of decades. That total could easily exceed the cost of one round of implants.

Are you ready to learn more about dental implants? The team of best Barrie dentists near you is ready for your questions. Once you make your decision, that team will prepare everything and ensure the work is among the highest quality in the area.

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