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The Odd Thing About Trump, And The Dangerous Thing About Democrats

Donald Trump is an unusual individual and may not be easy to like, especially by his sworn enemies: big-government Democrats. I had always thought of him as just an attention-getter because of his television show, which I never watched. Maybe there was never any particular affection for Donald Trump due to his type-A personality, but there was both love and respect for a man who insisted on serving Americans and not bureaucrats and big-shot tech guys, and who did what he promised to do while taking vicious fire for defending the traditions of America.

But fear of the unbelievable hatred and vitriol coming from Democrats, most of whom are quite wealthy and are now seeking uncontrolled power over the lives of all Americans, is immeasurably troubling to the non-political American public who see our civil rights being destroyed by Democrats and have witnessed Democrats taking steps to punish these who favored Trump in the 2020 election.

The reason Republicans liked Donald Trump as a candidate, aside from his serious discussion of issues critical to the survivability of America and our constitution and his occasional humorous asides uttered at his rallies, is that he was steadfast in his expressions and his principles of a small government, and he promised to serve the better interest of American citizens. There was never any reason to doubt his sincerity and his love for America and our constitution. Not one lie about his patriotism has been proven, and we all know there were numerous attempts to make him look bad and to prove him guilty of something; of anything.

On the other hand, Democrats are afraid of him because he is and was sincere about his love for America and for service to American citizens, and they hated him for this sincerity and honesty and for being a non-politician and keeping his word about the things he intended to do.

I suppose it wasn’t so unusual that people who agreed with Trump on what’s right and what’s wrong with politics ended up liking him and enjoying his humor. But Democrats are doubly dangerous because they hated him, as a person, for his humor, which was an on-target hit on the Democrats’ corruption and lying, and they hated him because he was successful in nearly everything he did in service to America as well as his success in his private enterprises.

So even though Trump made our economy better and made everyone wealthier, and although he inspired peace in the Middle East, and in spite of the fact that he made trade between America and the rest of the world more favorable to Americans, and made the world safer for everyone by building up our military and defeating ISIS as part of that effort, and because (and possibly they hated him solely because) they were unable to prove his guilt concerning the lie of collusion with Russia and get him removed from office, they twice impeached him for no other reason than to attempt to keep him from running again, even though his term ended weeks ago. They feared the man and are unable to get over that fear and hate even though his presidency benefited every American, which includes the children and grandchildren of every American, and since he was in favor of small government they could never get over their hate. And that hate makes Democrats very, very unreasonable and dangerous. Their hate and fear overcome every other consideration. Democrats even committed illegal and possibly treasonous acts to frame the president with the Russia collusion scam. Democrats lied repeatedly about Trump, saying they had seen the evidence of his guilt, and then they committed obvious instances of fraud in the 2020 election in their desperation to get him out of office.

And one must not forget that the Democrat allies in the giant tech field committed up-front, in-your-face, unconstitutional acts and possible illegal RICO acts when they went to the extent of blocking and burying reports of Biden’s influence-selling to Ukraine and China for monetary awards, and then blocking Trump’s tweets in order to silence the breaking news that was unfavorable to Biden and sway opinion their direction, denying Trump any constitutional right of free speech.

One can’t forget the attitude of Nancy Pelosi and her constant expression of un-Christian hate directed at Trump, which reached its apex when she tore up her copy of the State Of The Union speech following Trump‘s presentation. The nation was shocked at her blatant and black-fog hate of a man who had done great things for the entire American population, and who tried to use humor and just plain niceness to get over the hate that boiled off of Democrats, but to no effect. So now the half of the nation who did not vote for Joe Biden is held in contempt by the half that did, and we now know that the half that did vote for Biden will do literally anything to acquire and retain power and control, and they are lining up to do just that by abusing Trump and all he stands for. Democrats probably are beginning the removal of constitutional rights from anyone who committed the sin of voting for Trump, who has proven his love for our nation. I think we should be very afraid of the “dark winter” of Joe Biden’s administration.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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